Firefall Harlem Shake :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Defsam, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Thanks for everyone who participated :)
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    That was actually quite awesome!
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    No problemo!

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    That was fun, thanks Wiper!
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    funny when ur browsing the threads and then look at a video and think .... wait.... i was there o.o
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  6. Juggernaught Founder

    You know, "Harlem Shake" is the stupidest shit ever, but this was kind of amusing. It would have been better if a few players were using the F9 glitch and tiki dancing on sideways on people's heads.
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  7. Hotel6 Mentor

    what did i just watch ?
    ^that is a srs question.
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    some stuff hahaha here is another sample of the hated Harlem Shake.
  9. anubis4567 Founder

    That's the best one ever.
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  10. RSD

    oh for the love of god XD lol. that was awesome
  11. Highrisk Field Marshal

    Awesome waha
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    When will this die already?
  13. v1rus Founder

    I hope it never does. Anything that encourages people to be weird is fine by me!

  14. Drake84pl Mentor

    I like this one

    but its a little bit silent.
  15. Hotel6 Mentor

    it's just a guy dancing, then others start dancing too
    i don't get it.
    why not call it Firefall Tiki Party ?
  16. Dratikus Commander


    I assumed "Harlem Shake" is the name of the song.
  17. Dratikus Commander


    Woah, hold on.. there's weird and then there's WEIRD. Let's not get carried away. :D
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    Hahaha yea, good stuff. I should have seen that comin at some point.
  19. Criterion Founder