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Firefall Developer Roundtable - January 2014 Recap

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by FadedPez, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Andur Field Marshal

    What's stopping gold farmers from creating throwaway armies before their transactions?

    Some sort of cooldown has to be implemented before army-only commerce makes sense.

    And yes, adding a MOTD shouldn't be difficult at all, it's just a custom chat message after all.
  2. I'm talking about armies, which has realationship. Like one I'm in to.
    And those
    could be baned. If I got it right.
  3. Andur Field Marshal

    So, I create an army, let's say Army65841. I invite player B to said army. I mail him whatever, an item, currency, it doesn't matter. 2 seconds later I disband the army.

    See where the problem is? How do you define "a real Army"? It's not trivial and needs dev time. Army shared inventories will eventually happen, but other stuff has to happen first to keep it safe as well.
  4. Agree, what can I do... )) I know, persons like that out there.
    Looking forward for improvements )
  5. A proffesion about faster traveling and more kinds of vehicles/gliders pads would be interesting, in that case I would definitely go with that one, im more of.... Now I'm here, and now I'm at the next mission :)
  6. Not only that, I HATE thumping, I run Ares missions most of the time to get any resources and now that is gone and I have to thump. Good thing I didn't buy the Vet thing cause I wont be interested now. At least leave some resources in Ares missions so that those of us who HATE thumping dont have to pay the gouged prices on the market to get any good gear.
    You guys are making this game into the same MMO styles that are out there, grind grind grind to get your gear up so you can stand a chance to do anything in the game. I say BOOOOOOOOO
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  7. here is what drives me up the wall, R5 seams to have no answers to the most important questions asked here, or if they do they arn't tell but i think we should demand answers seeing as this month will probably be included in some of the biggest changes to the game in a long time.

    first off, why was the decision made to force players to participate in every activity inorder to progress (disregarding the marketdue to its current flawed nature) instead of the freedom to do whatever a person wanted and still progress.

    next how is limiting resources and challenges to separate areas of the game going to improve the game? you might as well make different servers that you get moved to when you hit a new tier, because honestly that's essentially what you are doing anyway, new players are gonna be too weak to participate in anything above them and old players are gonna be to strong to benefit from being back, you've put a wall up between them which is going to inevitably kill the game especially for new players, theirs gonna be nobody to guide them, no examples to encourage them and all their will be is the grind, that is not how to keep players interested

    and lastly how is this patch gonna truly effect those of us who have played for a long time, progression has already been covered that is easy enough, and perks are just sort of a footnote really, not important in the grand scheme, but i mean as far as research and crafting, because all the information so far has been if you were just picking up the game, the details on grandfathering are sketchy at best, will those of us who have already played get to still produce everything we are used to crafting or are we too gonna be limited to working within the same restrictions as newer players, in ether event it seams its gonna lead to a massive uproar within the community and was very poorly thought out, i already have seen dozens say they plan on retiring from the game before this patch is even out, why such a garbage system when the game started out with such potential

    what it all boils down to is players are losing the freedom to play however they chose and instead are gonna have to fall in line. And the market, the universal cure all is not gonna be enough to keep it running, first off a player driven economy "always" breaks down into player trading, without that feature in the game right their, there is already 1 fork in the road leading towards a cliff, next no matter what aspect of the game you are working on it is "always" gonna demand resources, meaning their is gonna be a huge demand for thumping groups but little for anything else, which will only serve to aggravate the issue of thumping being done solely in bastion frames, which down the road will lead to another serious question with no good answer, nerf bastions or increase thumping? any further nerfs to the bastion will make it a useless frame while any further increases to thumping difficulties will bring new player growth to a sudden and grinding halt, and in all honesty this patch is a garbage bucket with the promise of a prize inside, i myself would probably also retire except all other games have already gone to the very system this 1 is leaning towards and being in beta their is still the possibility this 1 can be pulled out of the gutter, but on that note i feel i should leave with what i see as the good sides to it, first of which is where they are adding more constrains, i can see the benefit of doing so, as it is it does not take much time at all to progress threw a frame if you really try, that will help slow it down and make it more meaningful, if they can only keep the requirements and costs in balance that will be the ultimate question on that, next is the new crafting interface, with mass and power becoming a big issue the ability to adjust even the resources of smaller components before building and still see the results will greatly help players fine tune and personalize their items to their needs, and last their is a need for higher level areas for older players to participate in, just the current design is not the best solution cause it takes away from the main areas as well.
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  8. It'll be an issue of pre-patch and post-patch differences. Pre-patch was able to make super high quality items even for low tier equipment that if you used the proper materials, didn't have much more requirements and what you're saying now is that if you did that post-patch, you'd craft non-functioning equipment and bottom line is they are gimping craftability.
  9. well i just returned today and so far i'm not that impressed with what they have done for 5 yrs since game was in alpha. BUT, reading the milestone patch they got coming out for this month got my hopes up, and the open world pvp is a bonus to it. i really hope they do the open world pvp right. i hope it has some sandbox feature to it like in arch age or eve online. ya i know games diff but still has sandbox feature to it. a good example is repopulation sandbox feature. anyways my only concern is if the open world pvp fails and that's an if, how would endgame be like. are they taking the gw2 approach where they release new campaigns every month and make it into a dynamic event or will it be pure gear progression. let me tell u it doesn't take long to get into endgame mostly for none casual players.

    what will endgame be like then. will it be same old thing where we are still stuck with same ares missions/ tornados/and all the stuff u see on the map. because if it is, it's really going to suck doing the same thing over and over again, and that was my issue with the game. i got bored of doing the same thing over and over. i did see them show off that we will probably get access to the whole world in the further future, but i do hope that they don't make it the same thing on the same map. where u got tornados stuff like that. shit i wouldn't mind if they spawned godzilla and made it like super hard. oh and yes that was my problem as well that the events didnt take to long to finish. u did it and moved on. hope with this new patch and future patch that it would be more challenging.

    anyways goodjob red5 for what u guys coming out for this month. i am def looking forward to the future of firefall.

  10. Tiger2013 WMD

    I also play EvE Online you have got that one right. + 1 for another EvE player who plays Firefall. :):p
  11. Does it bother anyone else that players are so critical of the devs when they are providing an open beta and I'm sure they are working their asses off to make it as enjoyable as possible. That being said it's still IS a beta. Report bugs please instead of taking up the entire zone chat, red5 has got back to me within a day of any of my inquires.
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  12. Yeah, as a software developer myself it bothers me too. Big time!

    Any software system as large as this game is ASTOUNDINGLY COMPLEX, even before you add in the fact that it's being designed on the fly too. Beta testing is to help identify what's wrong so it can be fixed, even if those fixes can't be instantly created or applied. I have faith that the development teams know a lot more about how to create a great game than nearly any of us do - and are working as hard as they can to give us the best game possible. Anyone at Red5 has infinitely more invested in making this game a success than any of us - even us Founders and VIP users do! I often feel embarrassed at the negative comments the community managers and developers are frequently showered with, especially when they introduce change into the game. That's what a beta testing process is all about, change - to make it work better and be more fun. Grousing because something in the game is different while the whole game still is in beta is absurd, arrogant, and childish.

    If something isn't working well in the game, give constructive feedback - not negative whining about how it was better in the "old days" or isn't following some ill-defined personal expectation!

    To everyone at Red5 - keep up the good work! Some of us really do appreciate it! :)
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  13. To some posts said earlier in the topic (IIRC)
    Well they could always adjust (i.e. lower) the player levels (and thus gear) according to the zone. Like in Guild wars 2 for example.