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  1. JBWill Community Coordinator

    Since I now have a shiny red border, I should say that this thread was made before I became a Red 5 employee, thus my posts in it are the speculation of a community member as opposed to facts from a dev :)

    NOTE: Due to some Retconning that has been going on since OSC joined the project, some of this info is likely not true anymore. For example we learned that the Crystite Wars didn't happen anymore. I'll work on updating the thread when more of the changes become apparent.

    So, I know that a lot of people are not super familiar with the full back story behind Firefall, as the only way we know of it is through the 12 Days of Firefall (which many people haven't read) and tidbits of information from random other sources (which people often can't find or don't hear about). So, since I'm a story fanatic, and have spent entirely too much time obsessing over the story of Firefall, I though I'd write up the major parts of what we know about the events that created the world Firefall takes place in, so that what we know is all in one place for people who want to know the back story, but don't want to have to sift through the 12 days and go hunting for other sources. So, here it is:

    DAY 1, taking place 2 months before the Firefall, gives us our only view of the world just before the catastrophic event, which is labeled as “The Golden Age.” The year is 2177, and we learn about a sport called “Holmgang” which consists of simulated war using battleframes. We learn of something called the “Canis Code” which is called “the most famous encrypted sign of something ‘out there,’” (possible foreshadowing of the arrival of the Chosen).

    In DAY 2 we get an account of the Firefall itself. A slow-moving asteroid was scheduled to make what had been calculated to make a “near miss” pass by Earth. Inexplicably, the asteroid broke apart as it passed through the Moon’s gravitational field, and fell towards the Earth in thousands of pieces. The debris of the asteroid was pulled into a decaying orbit around Earth, so instead of one massive impact event, the Earth was subjected to a constant barrage of impacts for almost 3 months. The numerous and hellishly destructive impacts violently changed the face of the Earth, wiping out whole countries and re-shaping continents. There were survivors, but they were struggling to hold on to their fractured civilizations after the cataclysmic event.

    The United States fractures into several factions, detailed in DAY 3. With the East Coast wiped off the map by the Firefall, the existing government, now centralized in Chicago, formed the Constitutional United States. The South broke free and labelled themselves the New Confederacy, while Texas became independent, forming the Republic of Texas. Meanwhile, most of the western states comprised the Guardians of America, based in Colorado. The Guardians called for a second Civil War to reunite America and wrest control from the “Connies.” There are also rumors that the surviving Northeastern states have broken free from the Constitutional United States and formed the New England Union. Soon after this splintering, the “United Mexican States” launched an offensive against the southwest, resulting in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Colombia forming the North Pacific Alliance.

    Europe, also, is suffering similar problems, which we get an insight into in DAY 4. The European Union is falling apart, with some countries in dire need of aid, and others refusing to offer it, instead deciding to focus on internal problems. The Swiss government, hearing of the full out war in the United States, and seeing Europe falling down the same path, decides to launch a preemptive assault to unify Europe. The campaign was extremely successful in Western Europe, but unfortunately their delay in addressing Eastern Europe to unite in the Union of Free and Sovreign Republics and stand against the EU. Russia had been in a cold war with Sibera, and as a result had more than enough weapons to supply the Union. The two sides, recognizing their need to survive rather than conquer, agreed to a tense ceasefire.

    DAY 5 tells us the story of a doctor in New Zealand, containing a letter written in 2184, 7 years after the Firefall. We learn they are in the midst of what is later dubbed the “Nine Year Winter.” They have not seen the sun in 4 years, due to an ash cloud covering the sky, and have been without any form of power for over 2. There are unconfirmed rumors of the New Zealand government being at war with Australia.

    The world of Firefall has a huge turning point in DAY 6. A Japanese businessman, Shigeru Ichizoku, CEO of Enermax Industries, funds the rebuilding of Tokyo, which has been completely destroyed by the Firefall, suffering a direct hit from a sizable chunk of the asteroid. It was here that they discovered the strange properties of the asteroid. They found that the rocks seemed to break the preexisting laws of physics, and were not affected by gravity as they should be (explaining humanity’s inability to predict the Firefall). The rocks were named “crystite,” and it was discovered they held an enormous amount of energy. it was Ichizoku who discovered the process for extracting that power from the crystite and harnessing it. New Tokyo quickly became a boom town, building power plants that ran off of crystite, and selling the process to other companies around the world. Ichizoku believed he had found an end to Humanity’s problems.

    DAYS 7 and 8 contain accounts of the Crystite Wars. Those events have since been removed from the timeline.

    DAY 9 tells us that a man named Hadrian Ashworth, creator of the Omnidyne Corporation, proved to be Humanity’s savior. Cleverly monopolizing Crystite energy [we don’t really know how, but my guess is simply by making much better advances in the technology than anyone else could], Ashworth used it as leverage to unite the planet. They propagated Crystite technology around the globe. With an extremely powerful and extremely abundant power source, Humanity was able to pick itself back up and begin to move forward again.

    Ashworth recognized that there was only a limited amount of crystite on the planet, that deposited by the asteroid that caused the Firefall. In DAY 10, now that they understood the properties of crystite, Omnidyne’s scientists were able to track the asteroid back to its source, which turned out to be a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. Debris, rich in crystite, floated around the planet, named “Alpha Prime”, forming a ring which was the source of the asteroid that caused the Firefall. Ashworth formed a subsidiary of Omnidyne, named the Centauri Company, with the purpose of colonizing Alpha Prime. 3 colony ships carried 3500 people to Alpha Prime and formed the planet’s first colony. Two massive starships were constructed, the CMS Aegis and the CMS Wei-Ling, to ferry crystite mined from the rings around Alpha Prime back to Earth. The journey took 7 years, and the ships were staggered, so that one would be loading up on crystite at Alpha Prime while the other was unloading its cargo at Earth. It soon became apparent that a faster method of transportation would be needed to not only transport Crystite, but also to ensure that Alpha Prime did not try to break away and form its own nation.
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  2. JBWill Community Coordinator

    DAY 11 is all about Dr. Mitra Batsheba, a major factor in the development of arcfolding technology. Arcfolding is a process that bends space/time back on itself, allowing for the transportation of matter long distances in a couple seconds. Arcfolding was viewed as a promising method of transportation, but had several key problems. The first of those problems was accuracy, which was solved through Batsheba’s research, in which she discovered processes that allowed for arcfolding with milimeter-specific precision. The second problem was the “jaunt”, which was the term for the actual travel through arcfolded space, which exposed the subject to an absolute void, making it impossible to transport anything organic. It was again Batsheba who devised a shield that protected the subject from the effects of the jaunt, thus leaving arcfolding as a viable method of faster-than-light travel. It was these discoveries that prompted the construction of the Arclight. Batsheba also did some research on the exhaust created by the crystite reaction, which was believed to be harmless. She discovered that under certain circumstances, the exhaust could absorb and mutate small amounts of carbon, a process that she named “melding.” The term “melding” eventually became used as a name for the exhaust itself. Unclear if this is still true or not.

    DAY 12 describes the Arclight. The Arclight was a gargantuan warship, outfitted with arcfolding technology. It was built in a matter of years through a massive coordinated effort from the entire planet. Its purpose was to not only transport crystite back from Alpha Prime much more frequently than the existing system could achieve, but also to keep the citizens of Alpha Prime in line, and discourage them from any attempts to form their own country that controlled the world’s supply of Crystite. Upon completion, the ship was stationed above Brazil, docked at an orbital tether for loading. It was from there that its maiden voyage to Alpha Prime was to begin in 2233.

    From here, the information we have becomes very fractured and sparse, but there are a few important facts we have learned from various sources.

    From this interview, we learn that when the Arclight attempted to make its journey to Alpha Prime, something went horribly wrong. The ship crashed on Earth, and in doing so opened a rift into another universe, out of which poured a dark energy storm now called “The Melding." The Melding consumed everything it touched, and quickly covered most of the globe.

    NEW Trailer showing the crash of the Arclight

    We learn in this audio file that some property of crystite repels the Melding, although we don’t know yet how that led to the discovery of the repulsor technology that keeps New Eden clear of The Melding in Firefall. We have since learned that it's the bubble generated by the Arclight's Arcfolding Engine that repels the Melding.

    The story behind Orbital Comm Tower, courtesy of Hoder: Basically it's one of the very few orbital communication towers left since the melding. Since the FasterThenLight didn't work they're still relying on the ships going to Alpha Prime, but that takes 6-7years to go to. So they want to maintain contact with the crew at all costs to prevent any rebellions over there. It's those rebels attacking orbital comm tower to get a hold of the ship and its precious cargo

    Info about crystite from Grummz:
    More from Grummz

    Let me know if I missed anything major, I am pretty much on my way out of town for the weekend but I wanted to throw this up before I left (so this was finished and posted very hastily). I hope this helps people understand the depth of the world that has already been created to hold Firefall, as I'm extremely excited about it (even moreso since the OSC announcement :)).

    As soon as I get a chance I'll add what we know about the Chosen and the state of the world actually in Firefall, but I wanted to at least get the back story done ^^

    When I've got some free time I also hope to format and expand this into a sort of encyclopedia of the story that I'll try to keep updated as we learn more.
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  3. Hamaya Commander

    update it and your golden :p
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    People who don't like walls of text ( like me ) thank you for your efforts ( there's still a wall of text, but at least it's shorter )!
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  5. JBWill Community Coordinator

    Haha, yeah, I probably should have said "Brief" instead of Brief :p
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    day 10 MIA?
  7. JBWill Community Coordinator

    The paragraph is there but I didn't put the link in. i'll fix it when I'm not on my phone
  8. Jirue Mentor

    Hey mate, nice work! Not sure if yeh want to add it, but the mention in this interview about the two factions might be something relevant enough to the story lore you may wanna add it.
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    Nice Summary!!
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    Very nice,how long did it took to get this done?
    Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our system if I remember right about 4 or 5 light years away.
    I believe that the Chosen where at some point humans because they are very similar to humans and their battleframes as well.
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  11. Hamaya Commander

    Aren't their battleframes so to speak organic?
  12. Jirue Mentor

    Personally I don't think so... mostly cause I've seen them often referred to as "alien humanoid creatures". I dunno about you, but this first and foremost makes me think "they're aliens" followed by "they're shaped sort of human like" but the thought "they're aliens" still remains at the front.
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  13. JBWill Community Coordinator

    Took me like 3ish hours once I finally sat down and started writing it.

    And I used to think the Chosen were once human too, but have since then changed my opinion, based on them referring to them repeatedly as an alien race, as Jirue said, (which by definition means they're not from Earth), and also because of the reference to evidence of extra-terrestrial life in Day 1.

    Where'd you get that impression? I don't remember hearing anything like that.

    **Edited the OP to add in the link for Day 10.
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  14. Hamaya Commander

    On the gameplay videos it did not look like they had battleframes on?

    I must've used misleading terms :p

    (Your a judge right? :eek:)
  15. JBWill Community Coordinator

    You crazy, sure looks like they wear battleframes to me. Also:
    And, for the NCO Contest? Yeah I'm a judge. This isn't related to the contest though, although if people want to use it for keeping their stories in canon there shouldn't be a problem with that, since it's all public information.
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    Typical Phobos. He gives us an answer that really isn't an answer.
  17. Hamaya Commander

    Its a real answer, it just spawns more questions ;)
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    Aliens doesn't mean they can't be humans.If u make a colony on a different planet the people that are living and born there are aliens.And in this case the humans on Alpha Prime cud suffer changes from what ever reasons and that makes them aliens.And even if there where no changes they would still be aliens.

    The E.T. life form cud use humans as soldiers or other life forms(the Titan that attacks Dredge)to do their work.Or the melding transforms any life form into Chosen.As for the battleframes cud also evolve differently on Prime then the ones from Earth.

    I don't say I am right it's just my opinion and the information we have so far bout FireFall story is very limited and doesn't eliminate any possibility or variation.I know that my opinion is possible 90% wrong but who knows what the true story is we have to wait and see.
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  19. JBWill Community Coordinator

    Yeah, those are all good possibilities that I could totally see being true. At this point, there are so many different possibilities, it's impossible to know what's true or discount many theories. That's what makes speculation so fun! ^^

    One fun theory (that I don't necessarily think is true but is fun speculating about nonetheless) is that the Chosen and crystite are actually both from the same universe that The Melding came from. Crystite could have first been introduced to our universe by some sort of cataclysmic even in their universe, which threw debris into our universe (since the only Crystite we know of in existence is in the form of debris forming a ring around Alpha Prime rather than on any planet itself), and could have been the origin of the "Canis Code" referenced in Day 1.
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  20. Jirue Mentor

    *nods* I don't discount your ideas as being wrong cause I don't know all the answers either. I was just telling yeh my reasoning on it. By all means, continue speculating about it! I love reading people's ideas on it. ...In fact you could probably write a short story about it for the NCO Contest, and I highly recommend doing so since there are some awesome prizes but not nearly enough entries yet.
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