Event - Chosen Collusion Friday November 2, 7 PM EST

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  1. HellRik Field Marshal

    Toes / fingers / legs / arms /d*...oh wait ..I cant. :p . But the rest I will ! :D
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    Well if we're still on, i'm ready. Killteam or data collector, like i said whatever I can do to help.

    Upgraded to Commander like I mentioned in my earlier post ^.^

    Just let me know mate, my ign is BlahtyKoolahty.
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    I'm Busy But really excited to see what happens please have at least a couple of screen shots of the map as time passes by. I also think this will be good info for both Red5 and us the players. The only way to make this test more interesting is when the turn back on the invasions. Please do this again when they turn the invasion back on.
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    Count me in :) But I might need someone to invite me over to the right instance ;)
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    Update: Still working out the logistics, but it looks promising we can get something organized for this. I'll chime back in tomorrow when we know more. For now, plan on doing this event as scheduled :)
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    I'm in for whatever you need, even if I just get to /dance. Laangg in game.
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    I'll be a bit distracted but I can help out as well, my IGN is the same as here "Kalridric" :D
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    Operation Moist Mess is a go! Count me in as party team, dancing my life away and building towers to the skies is what SoMoist lives for!
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    Update! Thanks for everyone's patience! This is going to happen!

    We will have a private server ready to go that's dominated by chosen when you guys get in. Once we get people in who want to participate, then you can go ahead and clear out the Chosen, then do whatever you want while the Chosen retake the zone again. R5 devs and/or Rangers will send invites to people wanting to participate to squad up, then you will /joinleader to hop into the private instance. Once you're in, you can make your own squads and invite others that are wanting to participate as well.

    I'll have more information tomorrow, but be ready for awesome :) Thanks guys!
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    Cloudboy reporting for duty.
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    this is awesome. best devs ever.

    i'm late to this thread but put down Maro for the kill teams too. i love me some chosen murder
  12. _Dharak_ Commander



    Put Dharak down for the kill team too - I have a weird day tomorrow and might not be able to make it, but i'll do my best!
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    I am so there.
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    Dude that is awesome!

    Is this happening Friday or Sunday? Make it Sunday and I will for sure be there.
  15. MiaovenWinter Beta Vanguard

    I'd like to sign up for kill team as well. I'm also available for pre-event prep if you guys need, since I'll be online in the preceding hours. IGN: MiaovenWinter
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    I will try to join in as well, sounds like the only thing there is to do is a kill team now.
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    Tomorrow, 7PM est, 4PM pacific (as the title says).
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  18. theunkn0wn1 Commander

    i posted earlyer but i wont be able to log in till aprox 3:30 PST, anyone willing to invite me onto the shard when i get on if it is still going by then? did not see latest post lol
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    Count me in, sounds like a good time.
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    I'll try and make it. Count me in.