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Day 0 login rewards.

Discussion in 'UI, Art, Sound, & FX Discussion' started by Talanvore, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Talanvore Storm Rider

    Not much else to say. This has been happening for most of a month now but Brogrammer said you haven't gotten good info on it yet.

    Day 0.jpg
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    Are you getting the resource crate? I had this happen a few times in the past couple weeks too, but not on consecutive days. Each time I still got a resource crate and on the days when it did not happen my total count was not reset.
  3. Talanvore Storm Rider

    Honestly? I haven't been paying a lot of attention. I posted this up because Brogrammer asked me to. I hoard my resource crates and dailies until I have a huge pile, then pop a +20% resource boost from the slots and open them all at once so I dunno exactly how many I have/should have.
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    I am pretty sure that the 20% does not work on crates, are you sure it does?
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    It does. So does the little boost you get from power level 3 in the local city and whatever other random sources. Otherwise each pickup would be 250 for 1000 total, instead of the 28? normally or 32? each that it is with a resource boost.
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  6. Talanvore Storm Rider

    After all, it spews out resources that you pick up. Your resource bonus is applied to pickups. It's the same as if they came out of a pinata, supply crate, or surface deposit. Works a treat.
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    Hm, good to know! I have always just opened them right next to whatever printer I was at without using one of the 20% bonuses. Nevermore!