Dawn of the Invasion: Leaderboard and Community Rewards Update #3 (July 3, 2014)

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  1. BranFlakes Lead Community Manager

    This week’s update arrives a day early due to the Independence Day (USA) holiday that we’re observing tomorrow, and is accompanied by great news. The Accord now reports that 100% of the required resources needed to build a Battlecruiser in Devil’s Tusk have been obtained! Congratulations, Pilots! Read on for a look at the latest list of top donating ARES Pilots and for an update on the tiered community-wide achievement goal.

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    Data current as of July 3, 2014 at 10:00AM PDT.
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    Yeha Battlecruisers for everyone
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    All right also second :3, but really LET"S DO THIS :D DREDGE WOO!
  4. Nokzen Commander

    Can i ask if this battlecruiser has any functions other than just being there like another "archlight kinda thing?" :) or secret?!
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  5. DarkMarshall Founder

    Oh nose I'm on the bubble. That's a real shame; I wont be doing any grinding.

    I wonder if they will balance raids around the 7% HP buff :eek: omg 7% speed buff too, but only in coral forest. damn I should have read all this like 3 weeks ago, that statue is going to be awesome still.
  6. Flo30 Commander

    Bravo Pacatosule, cel mai tare din parcare .................................cand e goala>
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    So can we see that battlecruiser or at least get some more info on it?
    Was expecting a reveal not just a "look the bar is full".
  8. Oskar581 Savior of Humanity

    what is the next thing we can build? while we wait for the patch.

    And I petition that the Battle cruiser be named after #1 slot holder, i.e. U.A.A Battle Cruiser Echlin or what ever he wants to call it with in reason.
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  10. OrionStyles War Smith

    Realtime leaderboard is hard in 2014 because technology. :\
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  11. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    (click for full size awesomeness in new tab)

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  12. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    WTB warpaint for my battlecruiser!
  13. Sayan The Bearer

    :red5: just doesn't understand, grinding resources is serious business. Everybody wants to know what's in others' pockets.
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    tachifrypan? i know that guy! i was having a pointless conversation with my friend and he just kept telling us to stop chatting in zone chat!
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    Dam... I want a glider with wings like that, and they should move realistically based on how you turn, dive, etc.
  16. iRamveer Beta Vanguard

    I wonder what is the design of the battlecruiser.
    Is it based on the ArcLight?
    Or this is an entirely different design?
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    according to the teaser "shadow" that branflakes posted when he joined, the battlecruiser is the center hologram thingy in Starsong Alpha's post above
  18. mouzed Field Marshal

    Is it really hard to make an HTML code that read the database in intervals of 1 hour?
    Come on give us real-time, or the closest to it, for the top100.

    >) Commander Hevn Out.
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  19. Tostie Mentor

    How the heck did 1 get 75mil resources?
  20. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    one thump at a time

    or was it 5 S3's at a time

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