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Culex hitboxes

Discussion in 'Audio, Graphics, or Performance Bugs' started by Dynamique, Dec 30, 2013.

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    It would seem the graphic doesn't quite match the hitbox of culex, melded culex inparticular.
    Where you Actually hit them is somewhat below their visual graphic, you kinda aim under them to hit them.
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  2. Krhys Commander

    Yeah, they are exceptionally hard to hit with any of the Assault's energy weapons - it often appears that your shots pass right through parts of the culex without hitting. These things move like greased weasels in the air, so having such a small/unaligned hitbox makes them very difficult to actually hit, even at close to point blank range and they are quite big targets.
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    I can confirm this. My fusion cannon shots seem to pass right through the torso section of both normal and melded Culex.
    Will have to try and have a go with another frame, like the raptor since that used to be the headshot area for these creatures, if I remember right.
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    As a firecat, culexes are my least favorite enemies just because it's super annoying to hit them, with either the main fire or the alt fire
  5. Krhys Commander

    No feedback on this one yet from R5 then??? Kind of feel it needs to be addressed...
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    It's most obvious while in the accord engineer's anti-personnel turret.
    Also, when you stand in water you start shooting below your crosshair... some strange bug hapnin there.
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    it's not hitbox. it's lag. when they are stationary i have no problems hitting them.

    what you see on your screen isn't even close to the real thing. there's some bugs with interpolation still, and possibly server performance.

    there are time when even healing ball (with its huge radius) fails to hit enemies while appearing to explode right on top of them, or fails to heal allies.

    as for assault guns, they NEED to fix the dot reticule, so it has a ring around it like on r36 and bio rifle... it's the only reticle that makes sense, yet its missing a ring... seriously... this should have been fixed 2 YEARS AGO.
  8. Kristakis Fan Site MVP

    You can see this in my first video here (around 1:56 in) and in the vids in #13 too. You have to aim just below the end of their tail to hit them.
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    doesn't look like a culex-specific glitch.

    something else is going on there. at 1:56 in the first video. you shoot at that spot, and the culex behind it dies, then you shoot at the same spot and the culex in front dies. seems like a spawn-related glitch, maybe due to their close spawning proximity, and close to the rageclaw as well. the other vids looks like the might be spawn glitches too, except maybe one. i haven't seen this issue, but then i've never used turrets.

    yea, just tested this using tigerclaw with fusion cannon. no problem hitting them, but they were mobile since i agrod them after they spawned. 2-3 times projectiles flew right through them but i put that down to lag and motion. i tried hitting them on top, from below, in the face, etc.

    btw, this was in a stock tigerclaw. their aim was so bad i think a whole mob of them managed to hit me like 3 times :\

    edit: or, i was thinking... maybe they are doing the bobbing thing, but your client never gets the update or there's some bug, so the animation never plays. shrugz.
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    I have the feeling that the hitboxes of flying enemies, especially Melded Culex, are not shifted, but simply too small compared to the body size. Even hitting a motionless Culex is often a problem for me, because their head doesn't count and the end of the feet doesn't count too. At least that's my impression after many many hours of shooting down flying stuff.
    And in general, flying enemies are very hard to hit: Wasps, those neutral birds, even Boss Culex, all seem to have too small hitboxes.
    And in ADDITION to that, lags and visual incoherences make it even harder.
  11. Nokzen Commander

    I hate their hitboxes! They should be as big as brontodons, so that even Nokzen can hit them!
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    you will learn my dear nokzen, you will learn :)
  13. Andur Field Marshal

    They are shifted towards the ground. I can hit them consistently if I aim towards the end of their tail, more or less (aiming at the air). And yeah, best way to test it is using a rapid fire weapon like a HMG or an AP turret.