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Crystite-Fueled Ammo Dispenser - Not Working

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Entropy-Rising, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Entropy-Rising Commander

    I received the Crystite-Fueled Ammo Dispenser from the Vending Machine, activated the packaged form.

    The Item the appeared in a Misc calldown section, with no text or tooltip. Activating it, brings up the ammo calldown icon. Pressing Mouse 1, nothing happens at all. Cooldown does not activate.
  2. [L]33T Interloper

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    yup, i looked in the console logs and it said something about not being able to find the ANET for <numbers>.
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    Vending Machine? Where?
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    having same problem was mega disappointed by it, but i'm sure it'll get fixed soon
  6. frzn Stellar Ponies


    Does anyone know if it you have to put in crystite to use it, or is that just part of the name?
  7. BetaZerker Pyromaniac

    i got one, too same thing happens to me
  8. Dakirn WMD

    Is this on PTS or live?
  9. frzn Stellar Ponies

  10. - NachtFalke - Commander

    How long is the Cooldown for these Ammo?
  11. frzn Stellar Ponies

    Unknown since it doesn't work atm.
  12. TESnake Apex Predator

    Wanted to add in, yeah, busted up for me. Really hope this gets fixed soon.
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    So uhh, whats it suppose to do?
  14. frzn Stellar Ponies

    Dispense ammo presumably.
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    Was hoping for specifics.
  16. frzn Stellar Ponies

    I'm afraid I can't help you there.
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    Same issue, really curious how it works too!
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    Inventory menu says "automatically refreshing ammo pack. Costs 25 crystite per use ". Worth noting that a craftable ammo pack is 15 crystite.
  19. frzn Stellar Ponies

    That sucks :(
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    Still useful in situations, 10 crystite to never have to worry about a crafting slot you could be using for something better. Probably get 50 crystite from a arhana nest.