Crash upon launching game

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by bantapoo, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Hi, I experience game client crashes upon launch, with a dumptruck message popping out everytime.
    Can anyone please help me get past this issue?
    thank you
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    I have the exact same problem... Im good on the min req specs.. so I dont know what the problem is.. Uninstalled 5 times... same problem everytime... Did the streaming installer and the full complete installer ways...

    Win7 Ult 64bit
    GeForce 8600 GTS
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core (2 CPUs) 4200+ 2.2GHz
  3. Miel The .GIF Giver [Ranger]

    Hi you two!

    If you can, please upload these files for me:

    1. Press the Windows Key (the key with the Windows logo on your keyboard) + R (at the same time).
    2. Type in MSInfo32 and press Enter or click OK. This will open the MSInfo diagnostic panel.
    3. Click File in the top left, then click "Export". This will prompt you to choose a location to save the file.
    4. When the Export As window appears, choose the Desktop to save your file.
    5. Click Save

    Console Logs:
    1. Close the game.
    2. Click on your "Start" button, and in the search bar, type:
    3. A window will appear with multiple files inside. Go ahead and open the folder called "Red 5 Studios" then the one called "Firefall".
    4. Locate the .txt document that has the words "_last_run" in it. The file with the most recent "Date Modified" timestamp (usually at the bottom), is from the most recent time you ran the game.
    5. Copy this file (or click and drag) to your Desktop, so it's easy to find.
    6. Right-click the file and select "Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder" to zip up the file

    If you can't locate the second file, that's fine, as it may not exist. Thanks!
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    How do I upload the file? and I couldn't find the "%localappdata%" file...
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    Sounds very similar to the issues Ive been having as well.
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    Do as the moderator says... Lol
  7. Tech Support Guy Commander

    Its a folder...

    Enter %localappdata%\red 5 studios\firefall into the address bar.
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    Nope, didnt find it... How do I upload the MSInfo file?
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    Sigh.. Nevermind just seen it... Will upload asap...
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    Here you go Miel!

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    Hoping this New patch today fixes it, but it didn't fix it...
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  13. Miel The .GIF Giver [Ranger]

    Hey there!

    Just got back in the office today -- sorry for the wait.

    I noticed a few things from your files that might cause trouble:
    1. Your CPU Mhz is 2.2, which is a little low. Nothing major, but I thought it'd be worth pointing out in case you run into any further performance issues.
    2. You're running Avast -- try temporarily disabling it.
    3. Run Firefall as administrator (right-click the desktop icon).

    After doing steps 2 and 3, let me know if you're still having trouble.
  14. Tech Support Guy Commander

    WOW 2.2 MHz, I havent seen one that slow since the Apple II :p
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    Ummm Miel made a typo it's actually 2.2 GHz, I dont think 2.2MHz could even handle Win7 64bit >.<
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    I did as you asked, Disabled Avast and ran as Admin, Still a no go... :-(
  17. Miel The .GIF Giver [Ranger]

    Whoops! :p
    Hmmm... let's try to find that last_run again, if possible. Open up "My Computer" and in the top right, search for "last_run". The results should show a file or two in this format:

    Zip and upload that file if you find it, and also do this:

    1. Right-click the Firefall desktop icon and select "Properties"
    2. Click on "Open File Location"
    3. Locate the "FirefallClient.exe", right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator

    Let me know if the game opens properly after doing that!
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    Couldn't find that file and also a no go with the second part...
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    Gave up on me Miel? =(
  20. Tech Support Guy Commander

    The file is at %localappdata%\red 5 studios\firefall (enter that into the address bar). You would need to zip it before uploading

    One word, PAX.