Copacabana (Firefall RP)

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  1. Trieste Unbroken

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    Compiling all the data she thought would be relevant had been something she'd done to while away the hours. Her survey complete, she sends a message to Corey with a report about recent happenings.

    Exciting in Copacabana lately.
    Attached is a report on the various events of note.
    Question: Did some of these events involve us?

    That done, she continues watching the horizon, stealing the occasional glance at Evan's sleeping form. Why do I do that?
  2. Evan/Apartment

    Evan didnt snore or really make any sounds other then he had a smile on his face as he rolled over on the couch.
  3. Tex/outside Tobi's apartment.
    Tex had heard that Tobi had got himself a place, this made him easier to track down, he walked up to the front door and knocked. afterwards he waited until tobi answered.
  4. RoseDream Commander

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    Rose / Trans-Hub

    Rose would smirk towards Sam as he talked, only shaking her head when he started the arrogant act, a roll of her eyes preceded her heading towards the nearest SIN terminal so that she could get her message out to her boys and girls, "Keep Dreamin' loverboy." came her quip over her shoulder. Really. It was full of awesome, win, hearts and rainbows. Not Really. Rose was too tired for this at the moment. Her pad in hand she was easily up-linking with the SIN network and oblivious to about everything around her as she got a reply from Tick explaining how three of the Devils had yet to report in and he himself ended up on the wrong side of things. But. He managed to capture the poor soul. That made Rose's face transform from innocent naivety to... well... horror story as she grinned back at the man through the feed, "I don't want them to live when your done with them. That's an Order. I'm doing freelance work here, and Someone is supposedly on my ass as well, Keep in touch. I'll send daily reports on the auxiliary channel. No chance of those being broken while we operate. Search and Kill, Mr. Tick." Yep. Some outstanding and nice little girl she was. turning to head back towards Sam she'd grin, depending on what he'd been doing while she'd been busy, "Know a good place out here where we can grab a bite and clean up?"
  5. Quinn/Copacabana

    Quinn sighed rocking back and forth on the edge of a building "Hope Rose is okay...Still want that dinner." he fell backwards and stared at the sky.


    A medic walked over to Illiana "How are you feeling?" he asked scrolling through a data pad.
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    He had for the most part been playing a long standing game of minesweeper on his data pad before she got back and he put it away "well...there is this place I heard of...The Imperial's supposed to be an inn...if not I mean the rest of copa is nearly all a resort so it's not to hard to find rooms and restaurants." He smirked remembering her 'loverboy' comment adding to that afterwards "Besides. If I really try I won't be dreaming about it now will I?" he said saying this as all one very long ended joke.
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  7. Tobi/Apratment

    Tobi slid into his new suit and strode out of his room. The heavier boots clomped on the shiny wooded floors.

  8. Cross/Trans Hub

    He stepped off of the drop ship, one arm in a sling and a new jacket resting on his shoulders. His new aircraft would be ready in a few days. They told him it would be something a little different and he couldn't wait to try it out.

    With a grim look on his face as he remembered what had led to him losing the previous one, he set about looking for a place to stay.
  9. Harkness/ Copacabana

    Walking through the streets trying to make out what he should do next. Nothing with that much danger and if I have to then with other people. Going to one of the other thieves he handed the dagger to him and waited for the return of the key. He got it. Walking away he planned to do something very drastic. He turned on his com-link and said to Ragon and Jason his old ''buddies'' . '' Hey guys I have a huge favor to ask you and it will turn out very profitable in the end. All I need is some keys. Take whatever there is left. Plus bring anyone you can it's not going to be easy. The people there have some pretty heavy tech. But nothing we can't handle.
  10. Konman/Copa

    Konman was listening to harkness' conversation through his radio jammer... "Why is it always these kinds of things i get sucked into? Well acctually im not getting sucked into it, i just choose to invite myself." He tracked the com-link and went to the location and said: "Hey dude, hows it goin?"

  11. Corey/Villa

    The message came after a long wait, almost as if the enigmatic businessman was trying to decide how much to reveal.

    Yes, Miss Trieste. Thank you for your input; at this early stage all information is beneficial. Report to the compound for a full debriefing on your own time.

  12. Harkness/ Copacabana

    Looking at the young man a little younger than him. '' Hello, don't know you so good day. ''
  13. Tobi/Apartment

    Tobi opened the front door, and saw Tex standing there "Oh, hey Tex," he said surprised to see him. "What are you doing here?" he asked quizzically leaning on the door frame.
  14. Kore/Copacabana
    The AI nodded to some of the Accord who were cleaning up various things that happened in the past few hours, before heading straight to the hotel that the woman called Vrynn, or Victoria, for all intents and purposes died with the being who called himself Franklin Joesph Zephyr. After paying the woman at the counter a sizable sum of crystite, Kore headed to the penthouse, and began to collect what was left of Franklin. He returned Corey's message at this point in time.

    Body is collected, now. I take it that you realize that the woman called Vrynn Van Stein is dead now?
  15. Corey/Villa

    For now. There is precedence for Archangels to return to lucidity after a period of time. We can only hope that Azrael will eventually resurface in such a state or close to it for reacquisition.

  16. Tobi/Apartment

    "Hey, i'm going to the bar, across the street, you can come if you want, or you can stay here, i got an extra room. you look really tired." Tobi said looking at Tex, "Feel free to stay." he said motioning his for him to step inside.
  17. Joel/Near Synex Labs

    His head was pounding and his vision... Blotchy. That explosion had knocked on his as* and he was feeling it now... "Wh... What... Happened?" He turned vital scanning on his HUD and looked up and down his body. Heart rate finally lowering. He looked lower and saw the three broken ribs. "Sh**, what was that?" He sat up and reached behind into his side compartment, his ribs punishing him for that walk in the woods. His hands grasped the smart-gel, he started to apply it to his leg... His gaze flashes to the side where his robotic cat Zippy Zappy lay, "Zippy get over here" he moaned weakly. The cat sat up in attention, it's eyes flashed waiting for it's next order. "Go scout the blast site... If you find survivors fix em up and report back..." As the cat head off he lay back on the ground and let the smart gel do it's job.
  18. Jason/wastes

    Jason was unconscious. His transmitter rang from harnesses call but soon it stops and falls back into scilence. And all was quiet again.
  19. Joel/Wastelands

    The mew of Zippy Zappy reached his ear and he struggled to regain his balance. Upon getting up he stretched out his legs and broke into a sprint. Organic scanning flicked on and he spotted the green outline of a body in the distance. Picking up speed he ran toward the clearing, pain shot through his chest and he collapsed about ten ft away from the pile of rubble... He unsheathed is blade and slashed through the wall making up the majority of the pile and he saw his neck... Then his chin as more was revealed he scanned for vitals... His heart was failing... "Zippy get me something electrical, a wire! Batteries ANYTHING!"
  20. Jason/waste

    Still laying unconscious.