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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zoidbergenstein, Jul 5, 2012.

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    When the new patch for Firefall drops I'm going to be doing a 24 hour Firefall stream as a fundraiser for the charity Child's Play. I'll be giving away lots of cool stuff including Firefall beta keys for those of you who are still waiting to get in and haven't gotten your keys yet.

    If you have never taken part in one of these it's super easy, just show up and tune in to the stream. The more people that show up, the more money the ads will raise for Child's Play so help spread the word.

    As we get closer to the date the patch drops, I'll update this thread with the official start time of the 24 hour stream and get a list together of all the give aways that will be happening throughout the stream. is the url for the stream.
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  2. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    I'll definitely be tuning in! :)
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  3. TheJayde Commander

    If you link me a on the day of the event in a private conversation, I will turn a computer on to watch, even if I myself am not watching.
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    That's basically what I can offer as well.
  5. MrSmiley666 Arbiter

    i will try to make it.
  6. punk Mentor

    I'll promote this heavily when we have a date and time.

    Maybe we could do something like have other streamers in the community either direct theirs to you, or you have them on as special guest?
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    I'll try to make in aswell :)
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    I will try to be there :)
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    update the thread when you are going to do this. It's a great idea.
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    Very rad. I'll do my best to be there.
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    Yup! Update this thread and I will tune in like three computers and maybe watch on one!
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    Sounds pretty cool! Although I'll probably being playing instead when the patch comes out. I might have the stream running in the background if my PC can handle it.
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    This is really awesome of you to do Zoid!

    If others are interested in also raising money for charity through gaming, Extra Life (Click Me) in October is a 24 hour gaming marathon, and another really great opportunity to use your plasma cannons for good :)

    Child's Play is probably the most well known of the gaming charities. They've changed so many lives, it's hard to not want to help out too! You can find their information here:
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    Firefall... Looks like a Mexican guy... :confused: Red 5 team, please, less realism!
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    Can you explain what you meant with that???
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    I will be there.
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    I like your idea, and i'll try to be there, if im not on holiday!
    Really awesome of you to do this!
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    Pretty cool, I'll keep an eye out for the info.
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