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BREAKING: Red 5 Board Votes Out Co-Founder Mark Kern As CEO

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JimmyConch, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. Shanie Commander

    You gotta listen to what you're saying. One instance, three undeveloped pockets, mini-quests, 10-minute mini-missions, and an SQL server with polish?

    Edit: What I HAVE seen fantastic progess on is the employees bug-bashing, support team doing a FANTASTIC job at getting back to you quickly, and I think if they unleash the R5 Employees, we will see a LOT more.
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  2. Ronina Apothecary

    Phobos for CEO!!!
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  3. The Killtech Commander

    not sure on which world you live in but i have some experiences with EA titles and know what little progress means. and i also was here a year ago. nothing solid? quite a big lot. yeah might not have been content, but it was rather quite a lot.

    hmm, comparing it to fast progressing games like World of Tanks they actually did more of the underlying gameplay changes therefore are even evolving faster then them, which i find impressive and which is why i stick with this game. okay the only thing they didn't add a lot of was indeed content. this has something to do that their content must be embedded in a much more complicated system rather then just simply added upon. if they get something like an AI director from left 4 dead it will get even much slower.

    but regardless, has anyone actually noticed with how little content this game is actually playable? how many players still stick to the game although there isn't really much to do? one could say it's a miracle or one could acknowledge that this system somehow works. and when its gets more content to cycle though and the storyline director gets implmented this will start to shine. and i foresee it will be very difficult for the other games to catch up with that since there is hardly anyone developing in this direction.
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  4. Brezals Beta Commando


    Another thing you can argue is if that progress has been what is the best for the game, and not just "it is slow"
  5. Varixai Barricade

    All of those are progress. Your argument is that it hasn't been much progress or that it has been poorly done. But I don't think the "there is nothing new in this game for the past year" argument will hold up at all..
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  6. Brezals Beta Commando

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  7. scott451 Bird of Prey

    I hope this means they are throwing out the idea of "professions" and having to buy stuff from the market that you can't make yourself. IMO, horrible idea.

    Bad enough durability and having chosen death squads hunting your butt just so they can wack off a few gear points. If you want to have the game hunt me down and kill me, so be it. But does the gear I worked hard for have to die as well?
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  8. Ronyn Commander

    Some people seem convinced that Mark was the great visionary who is responsible for firefalls good aspects.
    Others seem convinced Mark was the great destroyer who was bringing firefall down.
    Honestly we have no real idea who was pushing for what feature set within the company.
    Because of that we have no idea whether Mark Kern's departure means more of the kind of firefall we have been looking for or less...

    Which means that personally I will retain the same amount of hope and skepticism I had before this announcement.

    So.... Good luck to Mark Kern in his future endeavors. And good luck to :red5: in making firefall a success.
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  9. Brezals Beta Commando

    yep, same here.
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  10. Shanie Commander

    I used the term "actual" loosely. What I meant was "in relation to the previous year". The previous year had the re-development of the classes, major lighting overhaul, updated resources, and dozens of smaller but major things that we could see and experience physically.

    They spent this year, the entire year, overhauling their back-end and frameworks. I don't remember a single significant thing that came out except for the things above, and a year is a LONG time.

    It has to be a management problem. There WAS 80 people in employ and now there's 30. This doesn't happen when your underlings want to work and succeed, and from what I can see, physically, from the employees, is that they want to work and succeed.
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  11. Lost all interest in this game after the "changed everything, added FUN" (lol) patch a year ago and the horrible changes to both pvp and pve. Seen the news on a different site about Firefall removing PvP and thought I surely wont bother with this game ever again. After todays news I'm trying my best to be optimistic but honestly it seems bit too late now.

    I'd be ok if they just reverted the game to old version with levels and blue and purple gear before the tier nonsense and other questionable stuff in between.

    In any case, best of luck to you R5, for old times sake. Might even check the game out if you ever put pvp back in.
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  12. I agree, although as someone that has played maybe 10 hours since pvp was removed, it can only get relatively "better" i suppose (in that i am not playing but would love to play if new things entice me, will continue to not play much if they dont).
  13. Shanie Commander

    I think we can all say, regardless of the details, is that though we think Mark is great for getting this to where it is, it is time for fresh faces on the top.
  14. Phobos Producer

    Hello everyone,

    My apologies for the delay in responding to this thread. Obviously things have been a little hectic around here and we wanted to meet as a team before providing any additional details.

    As of Thursday, December 19th, Mark Kern is no longer the Chief Executive Officer of Red 5 Studios. Mark founded Red 5 Studios in 2006 to provide exceptional game entertainment along with a world-class team of developers working on the MMO Shooter, Firefall. Red 5 Vice President of Development, James Macauley, will be moving into the role of acting CEO. The team at Red 5 continues work on Firefall and looks forward to all that we have to offer in 2014.

    We hope that you will all be kind enough to not pry for additional details at this time and respect all the parties involved. We have a lot of work ahead of us to make Firefall the game we all know it can be. We are still moving forward with all of our current development. Thank you for you support and understanding.
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  15. pcaz_pdc Founder

    Well, he was on the original team of 4 who thought up and helped shape the concept of the (original) game.

    He may have also been the one "bringing down " (the Chinese version MMO) Firefall down as well...

    It's possible to do both.....fight for the original concept/vision, and fight where it has been headed since late 2012...

    So, yes~ good luck for Mr Kern...for him this is almost certainly 1.WIN / 2.WIN / 3.WIN:

    Look at it this way;
    1. if it flops, he comes out looking good, and moves on to even greater game-insight fame.

    2. if it survives, and is nothing like what he originally promised, or the game is operating, but a (Chinese Gachapon) P.O.S..... he comes out looking good...

    the ONLY way he looks bad, if is The9 and the :red5: team can deliver HIS vision of a fully open-world shooter, fully functional, without him.

    3. What are the chances of that? Mr. Kern WINS....period.

    Better for him to separate his future, from where this is going.
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  16. This doesn't change how successful I believe the game will be, on average. But it increases the chance I will enjoy the game by a fair amount.

    You see, the current state of the game is already something I consider unplayable. No matter how worse the game gets, it wouldn't matter for me, so the chance of the game changing for the worse don't really bother me. On the other hand, the things that make the game unplayable for me are fairly punctual, so it's not unconceivable for changes to actually bring me back.

    Thus, in the current game's state, I see change as a good thing, something that really increases the chances I will like the end result. Thus, on that specific point, I'm far more hopeful now than before the announcement, given that changes are now likely - specially considering how the board apparently felt they had to just remove the CEO on the spot, rather than first getting a replacement and doing a smooth transition, which is the preferred way when immediate change isn't needed.
  17. PirateCap Founder

    Okay bossman, thanks for the update.

    I hope my fellow forumites will respect your request.
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  18. Riney Pyromaniac

    Its not a Leak as much as it is him doing his best to get all the press sent his way, that way the company can continue functioning while this transition occurs.
  19. This game has been stagnating for a long time.
    Not enough new content and reworks of/additions to game mechanics that make the game less fun to play and now this.
    I fear for the future of this game.
    Such a shame too, it had potential.
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  20. Nokzen Commander

    Haha thanks for this phobos :) am glad it will continue with the current development.
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