Break the Sky

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  1. Adrian/Hanger 2

    he sighed deeply "Kid stick to blowing things up..." he said not in the mood to continue the conversation...if moving forward meant killing hundreds of inhuman humanoid beings to save yourself and others 'progress' then what was the world really coming to anyways?...these were the questions he never wanted to ask himself...he was a soldier not another goddamned philosopher.
  2. Tory/Hangar 2

    "Ok then." Tory was lost deep in thought now, thinking about what his family and friends would be doing back home.
  3. ((Alright all posts will be directed to the Dredge RP now. If any of the chars are posting from the Vigilance be sure to note that it is coming from there.))
  4. ((so do we continue posting here when the characters leave for a mission?))
  5. Trieste Unbroken

    ((no idea...might be a good idea to explain how you got away from the Vigilance/Stalwart Dawn though))
  6. ((what Kezz? I don't know what happened everyone posts while I'm asleep so I need a huge recap from what happened in the Dredge RP is too confusing :confused: please help me I'm dying here :())
  7. Trieste Unbroken

    recap: The Vigilance entered Dredge airspace, landing for a short break. Concurrently, Kore as Commander Smalls abducts a lizard man. Someone passing by notices this and starts shooting at Kore, attracting the interest of the Vigilance crew, who see Rez(?) being subdued by a metal monstrosity (Kore) and thus start attacking Kore. In the ensuing firefight, Anna loses her leg, Mack dies and many many injuries are sustained on all sides.

    The skirmish draws the attention of a peacekeeping task force of Accord Military, who send a Carrier and three (3) gunships, designation Dragon Team. The Accord attempt to capture the Vigilance, which was formerly an Accord frigate, and in the chaos of it all an unknown attacker disables one of the gunships, and damages the other two. The Carrier is forced to square off against the Vigilance, taking a railgun shot to the bow which damages the structure, but not soon after, the Accord manages to force a surrender from the Vigilance, now called Stalwart Dawn.

    From the ocean, Cross appears in a prototype aircraft carrying a railgun weapons system. Firing two shots at the Accord carrier's bridge in an attempt to disable it, the shots unfortunately fracture a supporting column, destroying the entire bridge and condemning the carrier to a slow and torturous descent into certain doom.

    In the meantime, Kore escapes to the desert, after being confronted by an Accord Captain who is suspicious of his identity as Commander Smalls. He escapes the confrontation by his skilled manipulation of information, aided by his experience playing the character of Commander Smalls.

    Currently, Cross in his aircraft are flying in tandem with the Stalwart Dawn, which used the carrier's destruction as an opportunity to escape. They are (supposedly) en route to establish a low orbit.
  8. Trieste Unbroken

    ((does that clear things up? i recited all that from memory so i dunno if i missed anything...hopefully helps with your confusion.))
  9. Mack is confirmed KIA.
  10. Trieste Unbroken

    hokay. edited to reflect the change. i didn't get to read all of the previous fight because i was skimming through, trying to catch up from about 5+ pages behind haha. being in a different time zone is pretty harsh for's 3am as of now :(
  11. that aside, im designating this thread the STALWART DAWN out of character thread.
  12. Trieste Unbroken

    ((but this is Break The Sky RP thread... O_O))
  13. ((Doesnt exist anymore....we are part of dredge rp))
  14. i know what you mean all the americans are posting well i sleep :(
  15. (All posts for the Outpost Mack story are going here.))
  16. Trieste Unbroken

    Okay, so since Kat has decided to close the RP thread (frozen indefinitely), anyone still interested can read up on Phoenix Outpost's last few pages to get an idea of what to do to re-integrate your characters into the main Firefall RP threads.
  17. Yea its basically fragged anyways. I cant tell a good story.
  18. Kat, I will be sorry to see you go.

    You can make a good story, and I know things happened, but you leaving is just bad for all if us.

    An idea if you wanted to rewind all this could be to have this going as a parallel world. Where things went the right way for stalwart dawn. Just look at this thread before going to dregde. You had a wonderfull story going