Break the Sky

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  1. Adrian/Hanger 2

    He was sitting there working on his rifle as Anna and Jacob ran into the hanger as well as the new kid but paid little attention to him but caught sight of how happy Anna seemed to be...but then sighed and kept cleaning his rifle. Looking back over at the kid he smirked "you look a little dumbstruck."
  2. Tory/Hangar 2

    Tory was just about to leave when he heard Adrian, and jumped a bit, not realizing he was there. "Its a big ship. I haven't seen one this size before." He replied, oblivious to Adrians smirk
  3. Adrian/Hanger 2

    His smirk disappeared as quickly as it had come and he was now blowing out his barrel after scrubbing it out with some lubricant "it happens. Ships need to be big sometimes. By the way you handled yourself well out there. good job." he kept cleaning his words pretty short in between each other making it seem like he was talking more to himself then the boy.
  4. Jordan/Infirmary-Vigilance
    After his little zone-out with the blade, Jordan left the medical part of the ship behind, happy to inspect the parts of the ship that he could get into, starting with the bridge. He paced himself as he walked steadily through the center of the ship.
  5. Tory/Hangar 2

    "Thanks you." Tory's mood seemed to brighten when he got the compliment. "How long have you been a soldier?"
  6. Adrian/Hanger 2

    He thought honestly of the question "Bout six years...feels longer." He shrugs now reassembling his rifle as he talked with the kid a slight look coming about him as he thought about all the combat he had gone through.
  7. Jason/Hanger 2

    Jason leaned against a crate as he was trying to cover his scars up his right arm with the clothing he had but it wasn't really working. He looked up and saw Tory and Adrian talking he smiled but went quickly back to trying to cover his arm with something.
  8. Jordan/Vigilance->Bridge
    A five minutes after his short walk began, Jordan emerged on the bridge of the ship, examining the hub of activity with his constant smile growing. More people for him to meet.
  9. Tory/Hangar 2

    "Wow. 6 years. You must be good since you're not dead yet." Tory looked at Adrian, trying to visualise himself like that, but failing, and a melancholy tone entered his voice. "I wish I was more like you guys." He said the last part quietly, not meaning it to be heard.
  10. Adrian/Hanger 2

    He listened to the kid even if he was still green "Trust me kid it never gets easier." he says trying to help and smirks at the 'more like us' "you really do not want to be...things you do...see...good luck getting it out."
  11. Tory/Hanger 2

    "If it doesn't get any easier, if it's things you don't want to remember, don't want to see, why do you still fight?"
  12. Jacob/Anna's Shuttle

    He tapped his fingers slightly against his seat as he waited for the shuttle to depart, "So Anna, what's this place you got in mind over at Dredge?"
  13. Anna/ "Jimm's Place"

    Anna lands the shuttle on a nearby airpad, and walks jacob over to the entrance of Jimms Place, a bar and grill located in Dredge. "Here we are." They walk inside and sit down in a booth.
  14. Adrian/Hanger 2

    He sighs deeply as if the kid had hit a bad note but not on purpose "because...there would be nothing to go back to." this said he finally racks the bolt on his sniper finally done with whatever cleaning and maintenance that there needed to be.
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    Tory/Hangar 2

    Tory stopped talking, thinking about what Adrian had said. I'm lucky I guess. I still have all my family and friends left back home. "Thats why you go forward, not back." He said this with a large smile on his face, not liking seeing people he considered his friends down.
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  17. Jordan/Bridge
    The medic leaned against the wall next to the door, in general unnerving people as he watched the pilots do their job with acute curiosity.
  18. Jacob/"Jimm's Place"

    He follows alongside Anna into the bar and grill, taking notice of the activity happening within the streets. Once he took his seat inside, "Not a bad place. So Anna, how have things been for you...well save for what happened during your last op where we had to get you and your surviving squad out of there. Sorry to hear it didn't turn out so well."
  19. Pilots/Bridge

    "Standby for docking. Hey, i got a strange feeling that creepy guy is. Oh hi there doc!" He waves behind him while still looking at his monitors.
  20. Anna/Jimms Place

    "Its been, well, different. Noones tried to burn me, or cut me, or shoot me either. So i guess its been pretty good." A waitress comes by and stops at their booth, "What can i get yall today."