Break the Sky

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  2. Anna/Bridge

    Anna lowers her pistol and lets the man pass. "Should I pursue?" Kaylith turns to her. "Negative, hes alright. Im surprised you didnt know him, Kezz sure knows you." Anna stares Kaylith in the eye. "That Kezz? The one who saved me twice? How did i forget in the first place." She walks out the door, trying to find Kezz.
  3. Kezz/Personal Quarters

    Kezz sat on his bed staring at the floor his door wide open, as it always is during the day. He waited on Anna as he heard her come after him. Hearing footsteps at the door and guessing it was Anna he quietly but audibly said "Come in".
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    Anna/ Kezz's Quarters

    "Sorry about that. I blanked out for a second, didnt realize who you were." She sits on the floor with her back on the wall. "Dont know why she didnt tell me either, so we are both in the same boat here i guess."
  5. Kezz/Personal Quarters

    Kezz knew exactly why Kaylith didn't tell her, if she had then Anna nor Mack would be here right now "Yeah, guess we are. Do you remember me from you're child hood at all or was I too "involved" with Kay back then, I mean our age gap seemed larger back then?" Kezz thought about removing his hood but was too hesitant and just left it up .
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  7. Anna/Kezz's Quarters

    "I was a runaway, i didnt have time to remember anyone. I do remember you though, you kept me out of trouble a few times, you were the one who got me into joining the Accord." She looks up at him. "You kept me sane for a good chunk of it all. Thanks."
  8. Kezz/Personal Quaters

    "Well, after being in your family so long I felt like I was a role model for you and Mack. Mack slipped a bit but you were always there for me and so was there for you. Don't let the past get to you though just be glad we're all back together now."
  9. Anna/Kezz's Quarters

    "Yea, glad to be back. Well look, I gotta run, we can talk some more later if you want." She gets up and tilts her head a bit, thinking of what Kezz just said.
  10. Jacob/Jacob's Quarters

    The call for security to come to bridge and the silence afterwards had him a little concerned. He knew well enough that the captain of the ship he served was Anna's own sister and that she would want to find out what was happening. He was finally couldn't stand wondering what was going on and decided to call Anna on the comms, impatiently awaiting an answer and hoping everything was alright.
  11. Anna/Kezz's Quarters

    Her comm tab rings, and Anna quickly awnsers it, "Hello?"
  12. Kezz/Personal Quaters

    Kezz smiled slightly "Yeah, sure"
  13. Jacob/Jacob's Quarters

    He lets out a slight sigh of relief, "Hey Anna, its Jacob. I heard that the captain called security to the bridge. You know what happened over there?"
  14. Anna/Hallway - Hangar 2

    "Its fine, we had a minor escalation with Kezz, but it sorted itself out. We still on? Im on my way to the Hangar now."
  15. Jacob/Jacob's Quarters - Hanger 2

    A small smile formed on his face upon hearing everything was alright, "Of course. I'm heading over there right now myself and should be there shortly. Out." Shutting off his comms, he went on out his quarters and headed over to hanger two, walking as quickly as he could.
  16. Jordan/Infirmary
    The medic had waited patiently for his equipment to be returned, and was now playing with the foot-long blade that flashed in the light as Jordan swung it from side to side, dreamily.
  17. Anna/Hangar 2

    Anna sees Jacob walk in. "About time you showed up!" She chuckles to herself. "Ill do the driving." She climbs into the cockpit of the shuttle, waiting for Jacob to get in before starting up.
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  19. Tory/Hangar 2

    Tory watched Anna and Jacob get into the shuttle, before leaving and going to the Infirmary, as he hadn't looked there yet either. This ship is so big!
  20. Jacob/Hanger 2

    He grinned as arrived, "Hey now, I hoofed it over to here as fast as I could." He then quickly got into the shuttle, taking seat at the passenger side of the cockpit, "Good to go."