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    Anna Mason / Command Site Delta 52

    The command post was, for the most part, underground. The only above ground parts were small watchtowers and a few facades to make the topside of the base look like a town.

    Anna walks into the bases Combat Control Center, and salutes Captain Yamantau, the bases commander.
    "Sir, Lieutenant Anna Mason reporting for duty, sir!" The captain returns the salute, and then turns to the HoloTable in the middle of the command room.

    "We have reports of Chosen activity all along gridline Sierra Golf 26. I need you to prep a team and get down there, check it out, this is a recon only op. Dismissed."

    Anna walks out of the command room and towards the mess hall, she stands in the doorway and whistles. All troopers look at her, then stand at attention. "The Captain wants a squad for an intel op outside the wire, if your up for it, come to me."
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    ((is this a story or Rp??))
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    ((RP.....Forgot to add it to the title.))
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    Jason/Mess Hall

    The engineer stood up and saluted as finished his sip of coffee before he responded "I'll come Lieutenant." he said finishing his whole coffee.
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    Anna/ Mess Hall

    "Oo-rah, head to the Armory, ill meet you there once i get a few more. Whats your rank, i just need it in case of an emergency." She grabs a notebook from her pocket and clicks her pen.
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    Jason/Mess Hall

    Jason started on his way out "sergeant..." he smiled as he walked by her and went to go suit up.
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    Anna/ Mess hall

    "Alright then." Chuckles to herself. "The rest of you apes that wanna go with me, i need name, rank, and specialty. Come on troopers, we are burnin sunshine here!"
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    Adrian/Mess Hall

    He listened to the woman's words and quietly made his way forward noting that he currently stood slightly taller then her draped in what seemed to be a large Trench coat the only visible weapon a sniper rifle hung on his back. "Adrian Fletchling, Private First class, Sniper Reporting as ordered ma'm" he seemed the quiet type...very quiet but whenever he did say things they may be important...he had been working with anna for a few years now and had more then once saved the life of a few of her squad mates and the woman herself. Standing at around 6'2'' he was a larger man for the recon game.
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    Anna/Mess Hall

    "Adrian!! Where the hell have you been mate? I havent seen you since that skirmish out in New Alexandria!" She raised her eyebrows ans smiled gently. "Glad to have you here, if youre all set, meet me at the AirField, if not, hit the armory, i only need to grab one more guy anyways." She shakes his hand and leans on the wall, waiting for more blood to step up to the line.
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    Adrian/Mess Hall

    He smiled as well "Keeping busy ma'm doing the odd job...thought I might as well just come back here." he looked around at the recruits...he always liked Anna more as a comrade however she was a good leader and a damn fine soldier and he enjoyed working with her. Walking off he heads to the airfield as opposed to the armory already having what he needed.
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    Anna/Mess Hall

    Anna pushes a wall mounted button for the intercom, which activates with a sharp ping. "Attention Sgt. Jason, report to Airfield 01 immediately." She punches the button and stands for a few minutes. "Is that all? All troopers fall out, see you in a while." Anna walks out of the Mess hall and takes an elevator to the Airfield.

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    Jason finished attaching his wrist mounted gun and put his SMG with AP rounds onto it's magnectic lock and checked that his hevy drone was ready to move out. Once he heard his name being called he headed out to the Airfield. With his drone on his heels and a bag on drapped over his shoulder. As he stepped out into the Airfield he stepped back as another vision hit him. He leaned against the wall as the images of his soldiers dying in his arms because he had lead them into a ambush. He quickly shook it off and walked across the Airfield to where he was supposed to be.
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    A young boy ran out, having just turned 18 and enlisted. "Wait for me!" He yells out, carrying an assault rifle and rocket launcher that look far to big on him. He is a bit taller then average, with a skinny build and peach fuzz on his face, showing his use. "I thought you might need a demolitions expert on the team." He says to the people gathered there, seemingly in awe of the soldiers that had probably been fighting while he was till in his diapers.
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    ((Hope you don't mind me hopping in))


    He leaned against a hangar, scratching the side of his blond haired head with the corner of a cigarette package he'd just removed from a pocket of his flight suit.

    "You guys headed out? I don't envy you guys, going around on foot like that."

    Shaking the package in an attempt to dislodge a cigarette, he scowled with the realisation that it was empty, replacing it in his pocket.
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    As in on cue, a third man with incredibly long hair peered around said hanger, looking curiously at Ari and his apparent lack of smokes, although looking over the others as well. "Ari, my man! You in need of some smokes from your friendly on-base doctor?"
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    Jason looked over at Ari "Here have mine I don't smoke them..." he said throwing the packet into the air at Ari, he turned his attention to Tory "Are you kidding how old are you?" he said looking the kid up and down. With a face like this :confused:


    Lucky stepped beside Jason, it stood up to Jason's waist and had a dome shape that had burns, scraps and scorch mark on it's body and on the front it said 'Lucky'
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    "18 sir." He replied meekly, worried that the soldiers would consider him too young to come along. "But I'm good! You won't find a better demolitions man, or woman on the base." He smiled shyly, before saying "I'm also an extremely good cook."
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    Jason nodded "Well then soldier what's your name and rank?" he asked smiling at the kid. "Have you ever seen any action at all?" he said asking since he had been doing this for 9 years and seen many of his soldiers die under his command.
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    "No, not yet. But that's why I wanted to come along." He smiles earnestly up at the man, glad that someone nice is going along as well. "I want to prove that I can be a soldier!"
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    He heard the intercom, turning lazily to angle his ear towards the speakers, "Huh, kids going out to play again." He got up to leave, his lumbering footsteps making a solid thump with every step. Standing at 6"5', he was a giant of a man, his bulky frame practically bulging with muscles. Suited in the dreadnaught frame, he was a sight to behold, barely squeezing through the doorways of the base as he headed to the airfield.