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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mukk, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Update 2012-11-29: 5 new invites, consider donating!
    Update 2012-11-27: new wave of invites, consider donating!

    Hey all,

    After seeing the mess that is giving away beta keys in the stream chats, it dawned on me that there had to be a better way to share keys with strangers. So, I spent the afternoon making a little web app to do just that.

    It works like this: you can donate keys, or request keys. Donated keys are periodically emailed to the folks who requested keys. A few keys are emailed every hour at current settings, but I will adjust it if the backlog of keys grows. This is done purely to prevent some abuse as well as lighten the load on the webhost that's hosting the page.

    Update: You can now remove yourself from the list if you no longer wish to be on the list or have already received beta access from another source. Let's keep the list updated so those in need get keys.

    Also, just so we're all clear, this is unofficial. I wrote this app myself and have no affiliation with Red5 or Firefall etc. I'm just a fan who wants to give back to the community.

    The site may periodically go down as the site is hosted on appengine for the free tier. If it does, it'll be back up at Midnight PST every day, so don't worry!

    There's more details on the page itself, so enjoy.
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  2. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    Very cool. Nice work.
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    I've never really caught anything on the forums I'm interested in, but this seems nice.
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    yes we would we would be vary thankful to everyone!
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    this is a good system to get codes so more people can play the game. nice :)
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    It looks like the first 3 keys have been sent out, donated by a friend of mine. Awesome. Let's get more keys rollin :)
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    I was given a beta key by someone else after signing up for this and I recieved one from it just now, seeing as it's your friend's what actions does he want me to take with it since I'm already in the beta now.
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    That is sick!

    Nice and handy way to help out in distributing the extra invites others were trying to give away.
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    You can probably just donate it back into the system. :)
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    I just received a key from this! thanks to those who donated!
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  11. Bnorus Commander

    great idea, donated some of my spare keys there :p enjoy guys !
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    Sounds like a fine idea. I sent in my spare key.
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    Suprised I didn't think of that. It's in there now, seems like it's working well too.
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  14. mervyn Skullbane

    thanks mukan got a key nice work dude ill see u all in game once its downloaded ...
    thanks again bro awsome :)
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  15. NeoXonE Founder

    Awesome idea. I donated all of my three keys.

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    Nice!!! Lets roll!!
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    if you buy a founders package, no matter what kind, you will be able to send 2 beta keys am i right? ive been searching for some info but couldnt find any.
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    as beta-tester you can send 2 Invites or generate 2 Keys
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  19. RadthorDax Commander

    Donated 2 Keys :)
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    You guys are awesome, there have been 24 keys given out via the key roller so far.