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Being stuck every now and then ...

Discussion in 'Open World Bugs' started by FighterFigger, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    I love to roam the mountains all around New Eden. Being able to get everywhere is one of the best features of Firefall. Love that!
    But ... ;) every now and then there is some rock, a buch, something steeper that blocks my character. Fair enough, but my bloke doesn't stop - he tries to go forth 5cm and is sent back 5cm. Now it looks like he's shivering.
    At the end it looks like a network lag or a glitch, giving the impression of an unfinished game.

    Is there any way :red5: could do something about it?
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  2. bennmonyo09 Herald of Decay

    it is called rubber banding...
    it is a lag...
  3. NoahDVS Skullbane

    Well, it is an unfinished game.
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    I've found a few places where theres an actual barrier pushing you back/off the object in question. For example, that zentraedi cruiser floating above transhub. I found out this morning that trying to jump onto a certain ledge from on top of the printer just outright shoved me off every time i tried to land.
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    It's not - just poorly explained by me. sorry for that. :) I was talking about obstacles blocking my ways through hills and mountains - or even roof tops in Copa. It's reproducible in the same places and doesn't happen on plane surfaces. It's just - I don't like staying on the walkways.

    Jepp, I know it is. That's why I tried to give some feedback on the collision issue to improve this unfinished game before it's out. I'm even sure devs know about this issue, but then again - it might be different on their machines and network connection.

    Well, I didn't mean obvious invisible barriers. There are small obstacles too high and steep to run over, but easy to overcome with the smallest jump.
    They keep blocking when trying to run up Mushroom Mountain for instance.

    ... After all I might be the only one experiencing this. :confused: I need to fiddle out how to record game videos.
  6. Soylent Green Commander


    You mean like this?

    Granted, in this video I'm basically hitting the bench dead on, but that was just for consistency in recreating the effect for the purpose of this demonstration. But this is basically why I don't walk on the ground anymore. I just know I can get stuck on the smallest of things anywhere in the world, be it on a mountain or in a city. The stuttering is just an extra annoyance.

    I agree, the shivering seems like a network thing. I'd call it micro-rubberbanding. I also believe it has a lot to do with map optimisation and collision, as you mention. There just too much to small angles and clutter to collide and get stuck on.

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    Thank you - I started feeling like an idiot, already. :D That is exactly what I meant!

    At the end - when the server decided to put you back - it could easily decide to deactivate your movement until you change direction. It would still be annoying in the fields, but it would look less like a glitch.
  8. Craseder WMD

    I'm pretty sure this is more of a feature. The camera starts to shake to let you know you're caught on something so you can jump over it.
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    I'm pretty sure it's not; you don't need a shaking camera to realize you're stopped and that you need to jump over something.
  10. Craseder WMD

    It helps me. I play in first person, if that changes anything.
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    good point (and you are most definitely right); I always play in 3rd person because I can't see where I'm going in 1st person
  12. Soylent Green Commander

    I don't about you guys -- I play in 1st person as well -- and not being able to move forward is a big enough hint for me that I'm stuck on something...
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    Me too. I thought it was a joke when Craseder called it a feature. :D
  14. SKSFMJ War Smith

    I was going to make a new thread on this, but seeing as this one is already here...

    This has been an issue for many months. I hope the devs see this and can address it in one of their bug bashes. It seems to cheapen the game ever so slightly.
  15. Krhys Commander

    I find it amazing that the Chosen and Bandits can walk straight up a vertical rock face that's higher than them without breaking their stride but the Accord's elite troopers (i.e. us) can't even step over a crack on the ground without getting stuck and looking like a raver on ecstacy.
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    Everything has an achilles heel. Our massive, powerful, augmented frames get stuck on a single pixel. :D