Assault Assault Weapons?

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    Can somebody tell me what weapons the assault class has?
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    So far plasma cannon, and all the secondary weapons available to the other battleframes.
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    Elaborating a little, the plasma cannon has a primary fire ability which launches a plasma ball in an arc which explodes on impact, doing AoE damage. The alt fire is a sort of shotgun like ability which is useful at close range.
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    i hope customizable weapons picks up the lacking that what seems to be a simple class system.
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    Yeah, that would seem cool if Red 5 added in customizable weapons.
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    The selection may seem limited, but gameplay stayed fresh when I demoed it at PAX, no worries. I think I'll probably play assault primarily.
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    Me too. Might try out recon and medic but mostly assult and whatever class is out when i get in closed beta.
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    Theres the version of the plasma canon that is charging and shot a plasma ball that move slowly, but explode at a certain moment.
    I saw another that has a kind of plasma-shotgun.
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    I doubt they will have weapon customization in an early beta, come on guys. They'll probably just have simple weps like pistol, assault rifle, shotty, and a sniper rifle. Maybe in further stages they'll add it but not now srsly...
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    Well theres quite a bit of weapons. but that doesnt matter. What type of weapon do you like do u Like 3 round burst guns or HMG's or LMG's or Uzis or shotguns. U customize your own weapon so you have what you want and if you have any ideas tell them the dev's hear are amazing at listening to the community. ( i mean that is what the community is for.. Ideas and suggestions.)
  11. SixShot Engineer Specialist

    Firefall weapons change their behaviour depending ont he module you have ont hat weapon.

    As example would be the plasmacannon that assult have, its main fire is the plasma ball AOE as some mentioned but if you add a module you can change it to a secondary mode being able to be sued as an shotgun or biggers plasma balls, there are more functions to it but we do not know what type of modules exist for now.
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    That's interesting, so you can make a weapon what you want it to be... nice.
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    Yeah, that seems cool.
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    I think the plasma canon is the most dificult weapon in the game! But, if you know how to use it, is the best weapon!!
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    Totally agree with Ranerowow
    It looks hard to handle but men it looks powerfull as hell. I guess every assault will use it so you got to choose the best secondary weapon to make the difference
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    Plasma cannon is the main weapon for assault. Basically a grenade launcher that shoots a slow moving ball of plasma that explodes on impact. The most powerful weapon that I saw besides the sniper rifle it did a base damage of around 400 without any upgrades. It also has a secondary fire activated with right click that acts as a close range shotgun. At PAX we were also given an assault rifle that was nothing special.
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    Its mainly when you use it, if they are far away switch to secondary, if they are using the jet pack switch to secondary, if there is a group or you are close to the use plasma cannon.
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    I would like it if you had an assault rifle-type gun so that you could provide supporting fire
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    i always play with assault........its my favorite class
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    ... You do.
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