Assault Assault appearance.

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    Not enough skin ;)
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    He looks awesome
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    I think a lot of the complaints about the assault armor has to do with people's personal opinion of looking bad ass or cool. And i think it mostly has to do with how much skin the Battleframes show. Some people like the Rambo or Schwarzenegger look, with the big muscular bare arms, while the other half likes the more practical geared out space marine look. Personally i would like to meet both styles in the middle and have like some sort of form fitting under-armor for the sleeves. That way it will still have the big muscular Schwarzenegger look while covering them up at the same time. This way you can still maintain the distinct look of the different Battleframes while allowing people to decide how much skin they want to show. This also would address the scantily clad female objections as well. Also for all the people that are disagreeing with the inclusion of more versatile customization options, just think about how you would feel if you personally didnt like the way the battle-frames looked now...I'm sure you would welcome more customization options.
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    This. We sure could use customizable appearance. To some degree.