Assault Assault appearance.

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  1. Danjiano Black Cats

    That would only happen if the shoulder plates were massive.
    When I think about the assault, I think about the massive boots. I think those are distinctive enough.
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    I like the assaults battleframe, except for the massive boots.
    They are, in my oppinion, a distinctive trait that would fit
    the dreadnaught better.

    The only reason I see for an Assault battleframe to have
    such massive boots is to stomp anything beneath them
    with the crater ability, which gets its force out of the back
    pack, though.

    That is my personal taste, of course and
    I really like the rest of this gameĀ“s style.
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    it kinda should need a helmet.
    how about a halo model?
    a yellow halo helmet with mirrors as glasslook.
  4. Ionizerjt Commander

    I think gears of war helmet model would be cool
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    How about a more sleeker assault armor, version as well.
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    The armor of the assault battleframe shouldnt have a BRUTAL look
    It should look normal.... I think that his armor abilities are enough
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    agreed lol hes to badass to wear shoulder pads.
  8. Vbdude Commander

    I like it :) Thats all I have to say to it. If you want my justification it is because it looks futuristic and not like every game other there. So, me like!
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    have any one notice the HUGE ugly boots he have?
  10. Vbdude Commander

    Yeah and I like em imo. It also makes sense considering they have high powered jets in them...
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    I feel like their boots look like the boots from the Exosquad Jump Trooper from back in the day -->
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    hah beatiful )
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    Since The Game Is Free To Play, And Will Have A Cash Shop, It's More Then Likely Possible, That Red 5 Studio's Will Start To Sell Cosmetic/Appearance Items For Your Character.

    A Free To Play Game, Especially How Firefall Is Going To Be Setup Has To Have Some Form Of Income, And Cosmetic, And Appearances Is Exactly One Of The Way They'll Most Likely End Up Doing This, And Regardless Of The Battleframe You Should Choose, The Armor On Your Character Will Stay The Same As The "Costume" You've Purchased. Of Course, That Is Just My Opinion, And Something I Do Hope To See In The Future. I For One Pay Money To Have My Characters In Games Look "Unique" In Comparison To Others.
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    Oh god did you have to capitalize every first letter per word?
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    Helmet will be awesome
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    i wish to see high level female assault look like this one.....:)
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    looks too heavy to move fast more like a Dreadnaught. I am sure that the armor will look awesome but it should distinct the classes so you can say what are you going to face from a long distance
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    Must admit i like the look of the assault as it is,especially the female.May even role a female toon just because it looks cool.