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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sunse, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I get to the spot and there is nothing there. At one point fell into a cave and got stuck down there but cool addition even though I had to kill myself to get out.

    Anyway I get to the spot and there is nothing so I go somewhere else mess around then check the map and the ARES mission show up in a completely different place?

    Is there a glitch/problem here?
  2. Kangarad Bookworm

    ares missions are mostly in these caves so if there is an ares sign look around, in the near 50m there sshould be an entrance, the objectives will be marked on your map and told to you by the designated superior for that mission.
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    Somebody else completed it before you arrived, it takes a bit for the marker to disappear.
  4. bleIII Beta Vanguard

    ares missions are dynamically spawned tasks sent to all mercenaries in the area so they can take care of them, if someone completes the mission it disappears from SIN until some other enemy group takes over. what happened was probably that whatever the enemy was either fulfilled their goals(hatch cocoons, bring strife, steal data, ect) or had such goals made impossible through a player destroying or removing whatever they were after or used to get what they were after.
  5. Demigan Commander

    Just look around, the Ares mission waypoint is a dozen meters away from the entrance of a cave, get in there, do the mission.
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    That's what I was thinking. Thanks

    For the Red5 Guys there seems to be some graphics glitches down in there. Did you all get those too?
  7. Kangarad Bookworm

    there are ~20-30 new caves ... need coordinates to confirm.