2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

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    I agree on the rangers/bruins. I'd really like to see the upsets, but I'm not feeling it... I wish Washington could have closed it out in OT last game :(. As for Florida/Devils, I don't know. The only reason I'd say Florida is because they are up 3-2 atm. Game 6 is about to start so maybe I'll have a better opinion after that ;p
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    :p So many of these series feel like the winner will the team that finds the net first. Goaltending is amazing this year.
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    I'm a long time Bruins fan (ever since the Whaler left Hartford which is in my home state) so I'm rooting for the Bruins. I can't believe how good Holtby has been in goal for the Caps and even though the Bruins had a hard time with them during the season I have to admit these playoffs have been more difficult than I expected for the B's. Other than that I'm rooting for the Kings. A Bruins vs. Kings stanley cup final would be great!

    Also happy do see the Flyers eliminated the Penguins. I've never liked the Penguins. I am happy that they didn't end up losing their team thanks to Mario but they are one of my most hated teams.
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    "and something probably happened between New Jersey and Florida but nobody is actually watching that series."

    "If there’s one thing we know about every playoff series ever, it’s this: The team whose goaltender plays best wins the series. Your starting goalie has to be excellent, or at least very good, or (if you’re the Flyers) able to make one or two saves more than Marc-Andre Fleury, which is to say one or two saves"

    lol XD
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    Funniest thing I've seen in a while. Glad you guys liked it. :) So either Boston or Washington is done tonight. I'm gonna say the Bruins move on, even thought they are down by one as I write this.
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    Washinton in OT :eek: that was fun (even though I only caught the last 10 min or regulation + OT). Now the sens need to upset the rangers and I'm happy :)
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    Updated the OP. Surprising first round.