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2 days old newbie here, hi.

Discussion in 'New User Help & Introductions' started by Savah, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to ask few questions that I had hard time getting answer in game due to some random russian and french only in the chat :)

    Is there a way to go to some other kind of area than the jungle? I'm not a big fan of jungle maps in games and I'd like to go to some other kind of map. Also, it's important for me in MMO's to be able to change maps to keep it fresh, I do in other games like: Monday go to desert area, tuesday go to snow map, etc. Any chance for that?

    Also does the battleframe upgrades affect anything else but the ability to use better gear and getting badges to buy new battleframes?

    How can I find out what possible goals there is for me in game? Right now I am just running around doing thumping and doing random events, which is fun but I was thinking if I can set some actual goals for me? Also this ties with my map question, it would be fun to change maps here and there to keep the thumping fresh :)

    That's it for now to keep it short.

    Ps. Can I paint my bike? I bought 20€ bean pack to support the game and bought bike but it was purple and I'd like white or grey (neutral color) better. Ty.
  2. McFini Skullbane


    To answer your questions:

    1) Yes. Hit M to go to your map, keep zooming out until you see the world, then travel to either Diamondhead or Antarctica. The former is a volcanic mountain while the latter is exactly as it sounds, just minus penguins... that we know of... Unless the Chosen strapped peg-legs on them, gave them pouches and filled them with high explosive.

    2) At the moment, yes, but that's gonna change with the coming patch. I don't know what to so I'll defer to someone more in the know than I.

    3) Goals are... a bit vague at the moment. They're kinda what you make for yourself, at least until the campaign and story content hits at full force. Again, the coming patch will address some of this, especially with the mission ledger.

    4) Painting your bike is not possible yet alas. :(

    Hope that helps! :) Take care, welcome again and see you on New Eden!!
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  3. Enlightener War Smith

    LGVs are overrated anyway. I prefer to fly on Firekitty with those kickass flame trails, yo.
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    I'd rather we get something like the GN Armor
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    Thanks for the replies. I just went to see the antarctica area, small but nice for change. I hope they expand a lot more on things like that, maybe we can found a town there and have a bigger adventure zone like New Eden one day!
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  6. Enlightener War Smith

    We'll eventually get a Warfront set up at Diamondhead, which is basically what you said here.
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  7. Sandsnake WMD

    Here's my first piece of advice always. feel free to pass it out in chat, it makes life easier.

    i will add some questions from here to there if you guys don't mind. Will make the List better.

    You can also middle mouse button click after you press M to move out to globe view. the zoom out wheel can be buggy
    Also, do BWA runs (Hint, take some friends, 5 good players in stock can do it, but you have to stick together. its slow that way, but you cannot speed run it any more any way, so this way you at least get some fun out of it. Also, if playing with stock or voucher gear, any drops are pure gain.)
    Salvaging comes in this patch, apparently ;D all gear will be assigned a random prestige value which will go towards those items.

    Ah, at the moment the upgrades don't affect much else (except of course more energy from cpus for your jetpacks), but after patch they will give Perks which you will be able to have across frames. melee, heal, dmg, armour. Small differences, but large choice sets. So many different kind of combinations that can be made.

    Currently, if you want to level up frames, you run ares or you jump nados with tracker and jumper addons. They give you the best crys res xp gain.
    Use a xp boost to gain as much as you can.
    And at the moment, leveling up frames is pretty much everything, learning all the builds. The goal is really to become a member of the 16/30 club

    Painting bikes will most likely not happen overall, buuuuuut maybe decals could happen, or warpatterns. The base colours, tho, indicate what bike edition it is. For a number of them.

    No worries, ask in main chat as well, people are usually quite friendly,but I'm sure you noticed.
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    Hi. I got nothing to add other than that.
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  9. Varixai Barricade

    You're looking for the Omnidyne-M LGV, the games newest model! It will be on the marketplace, you can get there by pressing T by default. The other way to get it is very rarely from vending machines (kind of like slot machines).

    Read more about all the different LGV's here, and maybe check out the rest of the site's awesome guides as well!
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    The above posts have pretty much covered all the important rewards, but unlocking every single upgrade in a frame will give you a free warpaint and a free title.(the warpaint/title is different for all frames, except for the accord frames, which all unlock the same warpaint)
  11. Trunksies Herald of Decay

    Hi, welcome to Firefall.

    If you want some people to play with and show you the ropes, come play on FADA's TeamSpeak
  12. G.I.Joe Founder

    Just a bit of advice on the LGV's; building them and also purchasing them was the primary way to get the color and style you may like. For instance the founders 100$ package has a unique street bike look and coloring. You can build a red one in the printer and purchase the blue one from the red bean store still I believe until the patch hits next week. After that we may be moving beyond the basic beta testing and in to a pre-live build.