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Nov 11, 2012
Oct 22, 2010
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Nov 11, 2012
    1. Prdelnicek
      Hi man my email is if any code will be free i will be rly thankfull for it.
    2. 6eyki
      Are there any keys left for an RPS bud? It'd be splendid. :)
      1. ZanderTheThird
        Sorry bud, all out for now :|
        Nov 11, 2012
    3. Korydan
      Zander, read your post in the RPS comments section. Been here a while and never had any luck. Was wondering if you still had any code left you wouldn't mind sending me.

      Thanks anyway, you're doing something good.
    4. RhapsodyBD
      Dunno if you still have them, but i register a while ago . But never recieved anything :
    5. Popquiz
      saw you're post on RPS been waiting for my beta access for ages, been registered for like ½ a year, and after trying the stress test this weekend i just can't get enough. if you could send a key my way i would really appricate it :) email:
      1. Popquiz
        nevermind :) one of the people from red5 gave me one, because i asked nicely
        Nov 11, 2012
    6. F1r35T0rM
      Hi, I saw your post on RPS about extra beta keys and i was wondering if you had any left to pass out. Been following this game for a while (only made an account a few weeks ago though) and managed to get a key for the weekend, but don't know if i'm granted access for the others. Email:
    7. Max Lazarus
      hi you mentioned on RPS that you have extra keys. been wanting to give this a try
      1. Popquiz likes this.
      2. ZanderTheThird
        Just message me the email address that you used to make this account and I'll send a key your way.
        Nov 10, 2012
    8. vmkenny
      Hey i know i just joined today but i'm not really asking for a key my friend signed up a year ago and today he got his key but he does not have friend invites how does this come ? And if ur so nice to throw me a key please answer (: thanks for reading
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