Jun 25, 2011
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Rockin' a new avatar! Nov 28, 2011

    1. Kalder44
      I wonder if you still out there hehe
    2. Ninoman
      Thanks =D
    3. Ninoman
      how do i get beta keys to give them to other people? I would like to make a turnament in GA (global agenda) with some friends so i can give the winner or the winners a key (depending in how many keys i have). =D
      1. Samtreat
        They send them out in waves to anybody who's already in. You receive two, and then you email those to whomever you wish to invite. All you really need are your friends email addresses.
        Jul 8, 2012
    4. Dragliu13
      sup just wanted to ask if you have any spare beta keys lying around cause i really want ro play the game.
      1. LuciferPC likes this.
    5. koolkrazykow
      hey you got any beta code to give away pls?
    6. Ammathos
      hmm, your from california too. therefor you must give me a beta key!!! jk. anyway do you mind telling me what this game is about? in the eyes of a player.
    7. Ninoman
      Hi Samtreat thanks for the Key i have seen some problems in the game and i started to give some suggestions today, hope they make the changes =)
      And how do you get more keys (to invite people)? because my friends in GA (Global Agenda) from my clan in that game, want to try Beta, well some of them have already the Beta and another 3 would like to have it to see how much difference are between both games. =)
    8. Samtreat
      Rockin' a new avatar!
    9. Samtreat
      Sir Galahad, the king of Poland!
    10. Samtreat
      Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Green Day, All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday.
    11. Samtreat
      At the end of the road... you crash your car.
    12. Kalder44
      we are like all those fanfics... that make me... i dont know, sad?
    13. Kalder44
      for my luck Gentle Edge allways carry the family sword with him
    14. Kalder44
      The things betwen Dead Star and Sea Salt are just hot as hell
    15. Samtreat
      Starting my new hobby of drawing.
    16. VideoVillain
      Hahaha! I'm actually a Broncos fan too. Because I grew up in Hawaii and had no team... I decided on the Broncos for the color actually, lol, then they won back to back Superbowls, then they've sucked ever since. And your assessment is true, you're thinking of GameDay 98' I believe.
    17. Samtreat
      Wondering why in the hell i'm a Denver Broncos fan? I guess it must be because they were the default team for one of those NFL Madden games.
    18. Samtreat
      Finally caught up with the My Little Pony show, thank god.
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      2. BloodyKharma
        You can't be serious....
        Apr 23, 2013
    19. Samtreat
      There is only one thing
    20. Samtreat
      20 years of sleep until we sleep forever.
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    Fairfield, CA
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