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Nov 14, 2010
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Aug 12, 2014
    1. derakh
      Nooo its good!

      Haven't you seen the 'yoga ass'? Its a thing of beauty. Need to get me one of those.
    2. derakh
      I have become a Yoga junkie....
    3. derakh
      Yeah me too lol. I got a 75. But then again, my mom wouldn't let me drive her truck ever. So I had to take driver's ed and I got to drive for six hours via driver's ed. Then I went and got my license... on six hours experience.. >.>
    4. derakh
      My husband passed his driver's test today with a perfect score. The proctor didn't even write anything on his form lol.
    5. derakh
      Haha just keep looking at the pictures. The longer you look, the harder it is to look away!
    6. derakh
    7. derakh
      Dear lord.... have you seen People of walmart.com?

      You suddenly feel so confident in your genetics...
    8. derakh
      Pretty much no one but chemistry dorks will get it :P
    9. derakh
      Yeah haha. Except now that he has it, every doofus he runs into on the street is going to want an explanation on what it is...
    10. derakh
      Here is my bro's tattoo.
    11. derakh
      scorpion close up
      Snake close up

      I forgot to get a picture of my bro's little design that he got. He will take a pic and send it after he gets home. he is driving currently.
    12. JBWill
      still chilling at PAX and I didn't bring my headphones. I'll watch it when I'm somewhere where it's quieter
    13. JBWill
      Haha, it's alright, it's not THAT bad. After you finished a round, a little screen popped up saying "Sign up for the Beta" with a place to enter your e-mail, and presumably register for the forum. When that popped up I was just like "I dunno, I don't think I really wanna sign up for the beta for this game..."
    14. JBWill
      Haha, yeah, Xeros came up the first time I was playing and i had a little conversation with him, then Thaewyn got some over the shoulder of me playing later. Unfortunately I was also being a smart ass while playing, and now he has that on video lol.
    15. JBWill
      I don't have any videos, I don't have anything other than my cell phone on me and that takes horrible videos. Thaewyn, Faded, and Xeros all got video of people playing. Thaewyn and Xeros both have footage of me playing haha.
    16. SgtFeelGood
      I don't think I ever did say.

      For the next 2 weeks I am working on an ammunition base in the Negev desert in Israel for the IDF. After that, I am doing simulated basic training for the IDF for two month. Apparently, it is so close to basic training that the army will take off the amount of time you do it for if you do sign up for the army. So I am going to come back from it with a crushed spirit and bigger biceps if all goes according to plan. :D
      (I am on a gap year between high school and college, living in Israel for 9 months. In the final stretch now)
    17. SgtFeelGood
      until 9am (for me) tomorrow morn. To be clear, it is 9:40 p.m. here
    18. SgtFeelGood
      grats on the new bar
    19. derakh
      According to what I have been reading... they were preparing for a massive quake and have been for a long time, but they thought it was going to be 230 miles south of where the one occurred today. Article. They have three huge tectonic plates under their country. Two clashed, but there is still another massive quake building near Tokyo. So its not over... I read somewhere else that because of the shift of the other two plates, its likely that the predicted quake near Tokyo will happen soon. Hopefully they can get a handle on the nuclear power plant that is leaking quickly or it could get much more ugly over there.
    20. derakh
      Yeah they usually do. Did you see what happened in 2004 to Indonesia? something like 200,000+ died.
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