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Aug 12, 2014
Nov 14, 2010
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Aug 12, 2014
    1. derakh
      dude... wtf was that with this site being down forever?
    2. Komrade
      Assassin's like to do it in the dark and from behind.
    3. Komrade
      Throw a stapler at her!
    4. derakh
      This receptionist at my job has a laugh that sounds very much like Barney. And she apparently finds EVERYTHING funny these days. I feel like throwing something down the stairs at her head... >.>
    5. derakh
      It has its moments. I think it knows I like my truck better than it...
    6. derakh
      My husband's truck is always an adventure for me hahah. It loves him and hates me I think...
    7. derakh
      Oh nothing really... its my husband lol. His truck's driver's side door latch assembly busted a spring and now it won't unlock from the outside or with the electric button. You have to open the passenger side door, lean over and pull the interior handle to open the driver's side. I drove it to work today.. Its REALLY annoying to have to climb in from the passenger side... and I got goosed by his water bottle.
    8. derakh
      Take some auto-shop classes before you graduate. They will save you such a head ache later. I speak from experience... >.>
    9. derakh
      lol 5 people... thats not a 'party'. its not a party until there is 10+ people and a keg involved :P
    10. derakh
      Lol nah, I never hit the party age. When I was 16 I had a job instead. I was more interested in hanging out with my dog and taking her on hikes than I was with any people my age. Not sure what that says about me haha, I liked my dog better than any people around me.
    11. derakh
      I am 27 years old.
    12. derakh
      Cool. I'm boring. I don't like parties :P
    13. derakh
      meh. most parties are more trouble than they are worth. Keep your senses about you.
    14. derakh
      Getting out of Portland and away from my roommate. Getting to hang out with my brother more.... or live with him lol.
    15. derakh
      two weeks left on my job!

      then 4 weeks till we move. can't wait!!
    16. derakh
      lol nice.
    17. derakh
      Well I could give you some sage wisdom response, but all I can say from my experience in high school and then twice in college, the homework don't do itself :P The last time I was in college I pretty much did nothing but study and homework. It was my personal rule that no matter what, I did not log onto any video games or watch any tv or anything until my homework was totally done.

      What is your essay about?
    18. derakh
      How come?
    19. derakh
      Been ok, really busy. I have 2.5 weeks left on my job then four weeks to pack and move.

    20. JohnyRL
      Hey dude. Its John
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