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Oct 12, 2013
Sep 5, 2010
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from Brazil

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Oct 12, 2013
    1. RogoLuka
      hey m8 ! i really wanto to play this game i would appreciate if you can give me beta key thanks :D
      1. Interesting
        What is your email?
        Dec 1, 2012
      2. RogoLuka
        Dec 1, 2012
      3. Interesting
        Sent, have fun, provide feedback. Thats all.
        Dec 1, 2012
    2. BaelX
      I'm pretty Impressed with that link Interesting, i read it through and i must say wow, that must have taken a fair bit to come up with, great job, and it seems red5 are interested too :)
    3. Nirilia
      Hey, thanks for the link, I'm gonna read it all through in a bit, have some work that actually needs doing before that. I skimmed it and checked the pictures and you seem to be spot on. I appreciate someone actually speaking up about all the things we all know are missing and needs fixing. Keep up the awesome work. :) -- Naini
    4. Digitalpain
      I wrote it out exactly like they do, in sections. Like "Class Changes", "PvP," "PvE", and "Bugs Fixed". I also used proper grammar and spelling in the writeup. Hard to look real if people type like fools and can't spell. Most of the items I put on the list were not overly done, so they were somewhat believable to most of the readers.
    5. Digitalpain
      If it was the fake ones I wrote, then nowhere now. It got deleted after it was renamed because it still confused people.. The real ones can be found obviously in the Feedback section of Beta
    6. VideoVillain
      holy carp! you are still active. good to know!
    7. TakinBacon
      Never did I say they weren't going to do both games.
      But okay.
    8. Digitalpain
      No I do not. I did apply for a position last month, but didnt event get a reply.. :x
    9. Sneake
      are you even looking at youre contest
      1. Interesting
        from time to time.
        Apr 14, 2012
    10. Xiiozz
      I won the contest!
    11. VideoVillain
      where ya been holmez?
    12. GABU
      can you give me a disc launcher plese?;)
    13. Phevnil
      Eh, why not. Add to the list you seem to enjoy growing so, friend.

      No, really, do you get something for having a lot of friends? I want things too!
    14. WOOBER
      In a nutshell. There's a few common types of panels used, mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Mono-crystalline being the most efficient. The PV panels are rated by wattage in DC power like the power used in cars, which is different from the AC power used in your home. They are connected in series: + -, + -, + -, so the wattage will add up. Then the different sets of arrays are combined and delivered to the Inverter which will convert the DC power into AC power. Interconnect to your Electrical Panel and depending on how its connected you can have power storage (batteries) or have it set up to feed back into the utility grid, and or supplement what you have coming in from the grid.
    15. VideoVillain
      haha, it was fun wall wall comboing with ya
    16. Koncyl
      because you have many point's
    17. WOOBER
      Photovoltaics , Commercial Solar Arrays.
    18. Issa
      Hi :) nice to meet you and i am just salivating over this game waiting for more info :p.
    19. IronWarrior
      Thanks for the add! :D
    20. projectoffset
      Haha,'re welcome.
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