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    Thread: Story Missions Not Acknowledging Completion in PVE Bugs

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    Hey guys,

    Have you changed battleframes at all when this issue occurred?
    Looking into this, need as much information as you can provide.
    Console logs and screenshots welcome.

  2. Thread: Spiel startet nicht korrekt in Bug-Meldungen

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    Hallo Thorne,

    du hast dir deine Frage schon fast selbst beantwortet. Ich würde darauf tippen, dass hier ein Treiberkonflikt vorliegt, da die interne Grafik-GPU (Intel HD4600) wohl einen anderen Treiber benötigt, als der der für die Haupt-GPU installiert ist. Du kannst versuchen einen aktuellen Treiber für diese interne GPU zu installieren und den alten Treiber zu denistallieren, um Treiberkonflikte zu vermeiden. Allerdings glaube ich fast, dass die Intel HD4600 von iherer Leistung nicht wirklich für Firefall ausreichen wird.

    Auf lange Sicht rate ich dir eher zu einem neuen Notebook, wenn die eigentlich GPU nicht mehr reparabel ist.
  4. Thread: Red Bean Purchase Rewards in News & Announcements

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    With the launch of Firefall and all of our new community members that have recently joined us, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about our Red Bean Purchase Reward program. This is a system that provides players who buy Red Beans with a little extra reward based on the size of their purchase.

    Click here for more information
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  6. Thread: Texture streaming is not working. in Audio, Graphics, or Performance Bugs

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    Turns out we were using the wrong method to get the video memory. Or rather, we were first checking the deprecated one that's required for WinXP, and only if that failed (which it never does), we used the recommended method. I've cleaned this up now. I've also improved texture quality on 32 bit systems or systems with low memory a lot, so textures will be a lot sharper. This won't roll out in the next patch because it needs some QA pounding, but should be in the non-hotfix one after that.
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  8. Thread: Firefall Live Airs TODAY (Fri, Aug 1st) with More Giveaways, Special Guest and Live Q&A! (Take Two) in News & Announcements

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    Thanks for calling in Squeek, it was great to hear from you :)
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  10. Thread: do you even "care" BRO.we in General Discussion

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    Hey there!

    We did address a bunch of that stuff and did specifically call out about BWA HC and that we're working on it and will get it out asap. We tried to pull questions coming out of live chat and the Teamspeak calls we pull people in to ask what they want.

    This was our first time with that many people and we can definitely adjust. The typical show has either 3 or 4 on at a time, with the extra being a guest from the development team where we highlight some of the work they put into the game. There are adjustments I'd like to make in the future for large shows already. I appreciate your feedback.
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  12. Thread: Extreme lag in Audio, Graphics, or Performance Bugs

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    Looking into this.
    Could you guys please post Console files and system specs?
    *Moving thread to appropriate category,

  14. Thread: Texture streaming is not working. in Audio, Graphics, or Performance Bugs

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    Well, there's the problem. The 32 MB are definitely suspicious. Are you 100% sure your GPU has dedicated memory? We're using the recommended way to report video memory, so not sure what's going on. What does dxdiag report? Maybe we should consider dedicated plus shared memory. After all, shared is available, it's just slower.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to trick firefall into using higher res textures, but I'll work on a fix for this.
  16. Thread: Good Morning, Copacabana! in News & Announcements

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  18. Thread: Mein Feedback zu diesem sehr schlechten Raidsystem. in Community Vorschläge / Feedback

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    Thread verschoben. Ich werde es mal als Thema im Team anschneiden wegen zu wenig Loot im Raid.