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    Thread: Firefall Non-Commissioned Officer Program Focus: Candidate and Voter Eligibility in General Discussion

  1. Yes the expenses would still be covered. If you're in the US, to board a plane all you need is a license/government-issued photo ID to travel within the US, the passports/visas would only come into play for the Western Europeans.

    I'm thinking the trips will be in the ballpark of 2 days/3 nights (this is really still TBD, we'll do what makes the most sense to have people be at the studio for 2 days).
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  2. Thread: Firefall Non-Commissioned Officer Program: NCO Framework and Duties in General Discussion

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    Hey all,

    We've had a great discussion so far on determining eligibility. That discussion is still ongoing but I think what we have going is good so far so I'd like to move onto the next topic:

    So my questions to the community are:

    As a Firefall player, what would you expect from NCOs?
    As an NCO what kind of duties do you think you would need to perform to best serve all Firefall players?
  4. Thread: Firefall Live: Firecat Edition in General Discussion

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    Hey all,

    Tomorrow at 10:00 AM PDT (-7:00 GMT) we're going to be back with Firefall Live! We're gonna talk a bit about the NCO things that have been going on and looking to the next segment of the NCO program discussion.

    We're also going to be joined by Kurosaber the great and run around New Eden in our Firecats so be sure to come hang out with us on the stream and in New Eden :)

    See you there!
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  6. Thread: New to the Red Bean Store! (April 16th, 2014) in General Discussion

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    We've temporarily pulled the jump pad out of the store due to a bug with it.
    Don't worry for the moment, we'll be replacing it for everyone who already purchased it with the new version soon as the fixed one is in.
    Sorry about the inconvenience, Kangarad.

    *Edit to add in a few more details:
    Anyone who bought the bugged one while it was in the store won't have to do anything. As soon as we get the fixed version in, we'll automatically add the fixed version to your account.
    Tentative timeline for this to happen: Next week.
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  8. Thread: New to the Red Bean Store! (April 16th, 2014) in General Discussion

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    Wow, ya'll don't miss much... O__O
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  10. Thread: New to the Red Bean Store! (April 16th, 2014) in General Discussion

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    I'm so glad these are finally live! My in-house character has been wearing them for a little while now. I always like big thick glasses in games (Fallout characters, GTA / Saints Row, etc) :)

    Except these really are two different disciplines. Designers are making new content. Artists, especially character artists, are making new models and textures and animations. I'd never ask a character artist to come make some new missions and player experiences, just like I'd hope they'd never ask me to try and model some new armor options!
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  12. Thread: Everything Ridiculous and Awesome Trailer in General Discussion

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    Very well done! :D
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  14. Thread: Everything Ridiculous and Awesome Trailer in General Discussion

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    Awesome job man, very cool video!
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  16. Thread: PAX East 2014 Firefall Community Meetup in General Discussion

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    Yeah little known fact he's got gorgeous flowing locks wrapped up under that hat.
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  18. Thread: Du changement dans les récompenses Red Beans in Discussions générales

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    Je vais voir, quand j'aurai un moment relativement calme, si je peux vous monter quelque chose qui soit parlant. En tout cas, il y a aussi une grosse partie d'élagage et de relecture de ce qui existe déjà (Par exemple, élimination des majuscules à répétition, qui j'avoue me chiffonnent énormément…), donc vous devriez déjà voir des petites différences un peu partout :)

    Ah, pour ça, j'ai bien peur qu'il ne faille en parler aux community managers… qui ne sont pas encore parmi nous. Ce qui ne m'empêchera pas de garder ça sous le coude et de leur en parler quand ils le seront. Parmi nous. Ce qui ne saurait tarder. (Je les attends avec autant d'impatience que vous !)
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