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  1. Thread: Chosen Thumper Rewards in PVE Bugs

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  3. Thread: Shanty Town Vouchers spent^ in PVE Bugs

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please try submitting a ticket to customer support to see if you can get those vouchers back :)
  5. Thread: Forest Watch: Family Tribute^ in PVE Bugs

  6. Thread: What "new" will Red5 add at launch day? (29th of the month) in General Discussion

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    You mean besides 4 new instanced campaign missions with hardcore mode, 3 brand new continents including one dedicated to open world PvP, hundreds of fully-voiced missions that tell interesting stories, thousands of new weapons, two 20-man titan boss battles, a 20-man raid that re-enacts the taking of Devil's Tusk, and much much more?

    You guys realize that all of this came out only 9 days ago?
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  8. Thread: Devil's Tusk: Floating Tree in DT in PVE Bugs

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    Hi Nolo. Can you please do me a favor and bring down console and type in "loc". This will give you the exact location. It should copy those coordinates into your desktop clipboard automatically too. Thank you!
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  10. Thread: Chosen Guardian 1 hit disabled Respawn^ in PVE Bugs

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    Bugged it! Thx guys!
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  12. Thread: Please Bring Back Chosen Thumpers and the rest of the events in PvE Discussion

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    I can only speak for the Holmgang event as that was a live event. It will come back to resolve some of the issues we saw with it - the major thing was making sure there was enough time spent verifying and testing the fixes. There just wasn't time to do that testing before the patch.
  14. Thread: Special Edition "Journey Through Firefall" with Mikachu! [2:00pm PDT TODAY) in News & Announcements

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    Apologies, ElemeNtje,

    We've been trying to add them in on PDT mornings when a community stream wasn't going on. Today it would have been FFL, but due to power/ISP issues we couldn't get the stream on its normal time.